Children of Hell: Seperation

  • I finished the second novel in the Children of Hell Trilogy in December and have been proofreading it for spelling and sentence structure as best I can. I have three friends that are reviewing the content. I should be able to post it next month baring aggreges plot/ content mistakes. The book is 20 chapters as of now and a little over 250,000 words long. A little longer than the first book Children of Hell: Desperation. I'll give everyone an update when I post it to the cloud. Again I'll put it in both word and .pfd format for everyone.
    One reviewer has gotten back to me so far. He loved it and didn't see anything obvious. So Things are looking good for the release next month. He did say it had more of a heavy metal/ Wizards feel to it than the other book, "The way you have things set up. I feel like you took the Bakashi classic and brought it to date."
    Not sure if that's true but that's his take on it. 🙂 Meanwhile I'll get back to Miss Sithmore until ready to read it slowly one last time for content editing.