Review of the Narfell server

  • I'll be doing a review of the Narfell sever in a few weeks now that I've written Lauriella's background story in full on the character forum. If anyone one wants to speak to me I'll be online intermittently on weekends until I start writing. I'll place it on the review section of Harvest Moon Consortium. com and will post a notice here of the article.

  • most welcome

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    @winterhawk99 thank you! I will give it a run through when I get some time.

  • Ok I have taken all the areas out of one of my mods except for the tailoring shop. It is called 06_tailor back up. You are welcome to take it test it, then pull the scripts from the mode you need for tailoring system. The Dev team should be able to do that. If not when I have more time I'll make an erf and make sure that you have all the scripts. The mod requires CEP 2.1 which you can find inside the folder it is in. It does NOT require any of the other hak files. if you cannot download it the folder may be set to private instead of public. let me know and I will change it. You can find the test mod here:!AkALWuBD7wYDgSJZ15krIzNvGqO9

    changed the link to the right one.

    It will also of course require the TLK

  • I'm coming home from work tonight. Hopefully after spending some time with Angel I'll be able to put this together and throw it up on my One drive for the Narfell Dev team.

  • on these mods one of the cep would be required. not sure about dragonlance. Black Rider is was also CTP like I was so most likely his too. Since most of the old worlds use some form of CEP/CTP combination. Once you have the scripts I'm pretty sure they can be altered to whatever custom content you would use. The test mod though will require CEP.

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    @winterhawk99 is CEP required for the clothing systems or is it just a matter of changing the numbers of the models?

  • Off the 4 pws in my inventory only Dragonlance reborn was current up until a week ago. The provider for the server has disbanded NWN servers and The owner Black Rider is looking for a new host. What I can do is whip out a quick module for you TPickles for you to test any of the various clothing systems I have. Two are copies of each other. The other two are slight variants in scripting. It will all depend on which cep you have so that the numbers match the models for body parts. With that I can whip up a module for you to test and put it on my cloud space for you to download.

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    @winterhawk99 are they on any active PW's? I'd love to see them in action

  • No problem TPickles. I have all the scripts for 4 pws along with all their various systems so would like to help everyone out if they want it.

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    @winterhawk99 I'd love to chat about a better scripted system as custom appearances are such an integral part of the roleplaying experience to many players.

  • How about I give you the scripts for a better system and have your dev team work with it in some test modules to come up with something better? That way it will put less stress on the developers overall once a better system is in place. They can put their time on other things. than making clothes for everyone.

  • Excellent review. I would like to address one issue you had.

    "The one thing I found frustrating about the server is their clothier and custom armor designs. The system they use isn’t just encumbering to the player. It’s downright taxing. I spent 2 hours trying to make one outfit for my character and after I finished the item disappeared from my inventory never to return.
    Frustrated I bought out my toolset dusted it off and went into my own server that has cep (2. Whatever in it) I built armor in the toolset for her, wrote down all the numbers. Then I went back to Narfell and started over. Nope! Plugging in the numbers didn’t work at all. At this point I wanted to strangle the dev team or give them my own scripts. This system is not in any way shape or form player friendly and if fact it’s downright terrible."

    I agree this is a terrible system, i think it's one that was pulled from the vault.
    If you want some custom clothing or whatever made and find this too difficult, as long as you don't want a whole wardrobe, just send the .erf to an available DM and we will import it for you so you don't have to bother with the npc in game.

  • I have completed the second rendition of the review and posted it to Harvest Moon Consortium. It is not nearly as good as the first but a repeat rarely is. My apologies. You may find the review here:

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    @winterhawk99 oh no that's awful! Best of luck with the word copy

  • Small update. I wrote about a 4,000 word review of Narfell. when I hit enter on the site I took so long it asked me for my password again. "BLINK!" "GONE!"
    I'll rewrite it in word next time. Word doesn't loose shit."

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    Sorry to hear about the ice storm. Hope you get home safe!

  • @winterhawk99 My trip home is being delayed because of an ice storm coming to Dallas. Should have been going home tomorrow (Wednesday) but will have to delay that a night and let the ice melt on the road. When I get home, I'll go over all my notes and review my conversation with TPickles and write the review. my websites front page is currently broken. It will be fixed in the next few weeks you can view the forums when I finished by going here:
    I should have it up by Saturday latest depending on what my wife Angel has for me when I get home.

    A big, big thanks to TPickles on answering questions about the server for my article.

  • Thanks Tpickles 🙂 May have a few questions.

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    That's great to hear @Winterhawk99! I look forward to reading your review. I think we used the same tech to run our forums for awhile before switching in the last few years so it was cool to see a different skin.

    If you have any lingering questions for your review, I'd be happy to help however I can. Pinging @DM in our discord is also a great and quick resource.

    Also great to hear about your backstory. We do offer XP to players who write backstories. If you're interested, you can read this for the rules on background xp.