Build 905R1

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    What's new?

    New and Improved Chat System

    The chat system that has been rewritten from the ground up! Now it will be easier than ever for the dev team to add new features as they come through the pipes.

    Developer gibberish aside, the new system replaces the existing features that involved you typing just about anything into the chat bar as well as adds a few more:

    1. Animals/Familiars/Summons/etc can now make skillchecks by using the skillcheck command after your follower speech command. (ex: ;a !skillcheck spot)
    2. Sending something to the DM channel gives you a feedback message back so you can remember what you said
    3. With high enough listen skill, you can eavesdrop on whispering players at a safe distance. No longer is the whisper channel a safe place for disclosing your contentious deeds. Beware of eavesdroppers and make sure you're speaking in a safe place if you're trying to keep a secret! Similar checks are made to hear players shouting from outside their shout radius.
    4. Some familiars can speak in their native languages which will be translated to you. This can be done while possessing them or using ;f /l Hello Narfell! while not possessing them:
      • Faerie Dragon (Draconic)
      • Fire Mephit (Ignan)
      • Hell Hound (Infernal)
      • Ice Mephit (Auran)
      • Imp (Infernal)
      • Pixie (Sylvan)
      • Psuedodragon (Sylvan)
    5. Gender checks removed from many emotes. Belch your heart out, girls!

    You can thank its_a_fire for writing the new features, tpickles for ripping out the old replacing it with the new, and many more from the DM team for putting up with tpickles constant requests for testing buddies.

    PG Commands have been disabled for the time such that we could roll this out sooner and there aren't many active PGs at the moment. We appreciate your patience as we get those re-integrated to the new system.

    Mining Spawn Improvements

    For a time we were spawning blank rocks due to the removal of gems, bad documentation and hasty development. These rocks occupied ore locations and were annoying to our miner players. We were listening and we were chipping away at all the spawn locations until we rid Narfell of all the useless rock. They are now all usable ore.

    You can blame tpickles for opening this door to begin with and, if you have mercy in your hearts, thank him for fixing it.

    You found a bug?

    Oh no! Please report it to the Bug Reporting following this template. We will get on it as soon as we can.

    Happy Narfing,

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    Hotfix 2:

    • No more weird character in identified ore names
    • Fixed some DM tooling

  • Dev

    Updated original post with more player facing features on the chat system. They are currently live but missed the original announcement.

  • Dev


    • Minor tweaks to existing creatures.
    • Fixes to some commands and tools.
    • Map modifications on some areas --still more to come-- to reflect IC actions.
    • New creatures: Watch out for laughing chests.