Redcloak Nadia Madurni approaches those in charge of Norwick

  • A young woman with deep brown hair wearing a red cloak uniform takes opportunity to speak to those who would listen at the local town hall.

    "Redcloak Nadia Madurni, hired by Hannibal here to inform you of ongoings and goings ons of the north. I am a witch of Reshemen for those curious, and use my abilities primarily in the defense of others and in shutting down enemy mages with verious spells and hexes to prevent them from doing us harm."

    "There has been recent activity going on in Peltarch I wanted to notify you all about. Currently, it has been discovered that there is a place called High Hold far west from Peltarch up in the mountains. One would have to traverse through the giant lands to get there.

    They are very well fortified and seem to have an economy that far surpasses ours. They have reinforcements from Calimshan as well as appear to be dealing with Red Wizards in trade. Their current leader is a man named Lord Ewan Sent who has a teifling... half fiend woman as an advisor. Their warriors are very capable, able to fight Giants and seem to carry possibly the same Barbarian blood that many people have here. Forgive my ignorance on the matter, but they identify themselves as Creel.

    Their fort is well fortified, with a long bridge over the mountains that could easily be destroyed if necessary to prevent invaders from approaching.

    The town occupying it nearby is called Blackridge... Blackbridge... one of those two! Anyway, the town seems to be a blend of warrior sensibilities parallel to our own, but they seem to also have large financial investors as they are building buildings and structures that have the capacity to rival some of Peltarch's creations.

    I honestly feel, while they are not a threat at the moment, their movements are something that need to be considered.

    Lastly, I am unsure if our Township is aware, but there is ongoing strife between the Dwarves and Peltarch. I know not all the details, but the dwarves demanded repayment for Peltarch not assisting them in defending the dwarven hold. There has been rumors of certain dwarves who would want to see Peltarch itself in ruins and would do it themselves if they had the chance. I feel this is a good opportunity to strengthen our own bonds with the dwarves."

    She bows.

    "If you have any requests of me, I am willing to assist! Furthermore if you need a Councillor or adviser of relations, magic, or affairs outside of the city some time in the future, I offer you my aid in that as well, yes."

  • Narfell DM

    "This is because I fell asleep isn't it?" Ryker laments.

  • @dermin_lantaional You are soooooo welcome Herald!

    he tips his comically giant, perhaps even larger than before straw hat

  • Herald D'Cameron replies with a sharp smile to Unen comment, then says, in the most tense yet kind tone to him, scribbling in a notepad:

    Thaaank you kindly for your remarkable suggestion, honorable farmer. Well look into that as soon as possible because all we care about is our people safety and prosperity.

    If you have more sharp remarks to make, please, make them directly to either Lieutenant Meynolt or... --Herald fixes his gaze, glaring at Ryker-- LIEUTENANT Corvis. Yes, I said lieutenant Corvis.

    Redcloak Rupert pats Ryker's shoulder once --Haha, welcome aboard!

    Redcloak Davos bursts a laugh after Rupert spoke. -- At your command, lieutenant -- Then makes a rather odd salute towards Ryker.

    Both ever present redcloaks return to their position at Norwick's Hall as Herald D'Cammeron takes the word again:

    Both work diligently for the safety of our people and are capable of taking any military decisions. I'm sure that's how our respectable Chief Hannibal Charon would have wanted and delegated.

    Herald D'Cammeron then directs her attention towards Nadia.

    That goes for you as well, Nadia. Citizen, am I right? Since Chief Hannibal never left a record of your recruitment, direct yourself towards either Lt. Meynolt or Lt. Corvis. They both can evaluate you if you wish to take part in the Many Times Heroic Town of Norwick Militia.

  • Unen the farmer stands towards the back soaking in what information comes his way.

    "so Highhold comes into some money and now all a sudden a relatively peaceful and non-turbulent time is brought screeching to a halt. Not getting involved is a cowards sentiment, these things always spill over, at the very least we should bolster defenses, and be on high alert, any attacks on the pass, which is our lifeblood should be taken seriously."

    Unen tips his giant straw farmers hat.

  • A somber look upon her as she had heard about Hannibal. "I had not heard he had passed... I had thought he may had been away like I had. I would like to go to pay my respects at some point. He was a good man and a good soldier"

    She'd listen to everything else he'd have to say then and nod in understanding.

    "If any of the Redcloaks would like to engage in some training exercises in future, it is best we do not rest on our Laurels while we enjoy peace. In the meantime, I will continue to keep watch on threats outside the gates with your blessing and will update you if anything eventful happens that may affect our Township."

  • Narfell DM

    Ryker salutes with his usual dull face, trying to hide the absolute fear inside of him.

  • Herald D'Cameron, scribbling something in a notepad as she usually does, approaches Nadia, giving a nod to both Ryker and Lt. Thalassa. She speaks:

    Hello there, Nadia. First, since I've not seen you around for a while, I must ask if you know about the burial site of Chancellor Hannibal Charon. If not, I invite you to pass by and pay him your respects.

    Secondly, yes... we've heard rumors about the High Hold, the Dwarves, the Legion, the Creel... among many other things. None of them, except the unfortunate fate of the Dwarven Hold, has affected directly Norwick. Nor we have received a visit from a representative of the High Hold. Maybe they are busy with the northen region more than with the Rawlinswood that surrounds us and have something else in their agenda.

    Norwick has been experiencing an unusual period of peace, we are a bit concern about that because that has never been the mainstream, but that seems to be it now. Norwick is doing fine right now, our pollicy, as Lieutenant Thalassa Meynolt has pointed out, is to not get involved for now, and only watch. That'd be what Chancellor Hannibal would have prefered, I believe.

    Herald D'Cameron glances over Ryker:

    And yes... we do have an Advisor right now, it's just that María has been up to her business inside her tower. Maybe containing whatever threats we don't know about that are lurking from the depths of the Rawlins.

    Let's just keep an eye on how things evolve with the High Hold on its own, without getting involved directly. And...

    Herald turns to Ryker again.

    Let's try not to sleep on duty, shall we?

    She smiles glaring at him

  • Shadowhawk Lieutenant Thalassa Meynolt listens silently, nodding along with the information about High Hold. However, when the other issue is mentioned she decides to chime in with her own 2 coppers.

    "I believe it would be better for us to not get involved in such conflicts and definitely not take sides. Peltarch and the Dwarven Hold are both our allies and I don't see it within our best interests to willingly sour those relations in favor of winning points with the other."

  • Narfell DM

    Layabout Redcloak Ryker Corvis listens in with visible confusion after being awoken from his nap in the town hall. "That sounds like a whole lot of something. But uh, last I checked we have a magic adviser."