Wedding on the Nars

  • Korak walks alone on the bluff drinking one bottled ale after another as he drunkenly sings to his greataxe in a harsh gravelly voice.

    "O' lusty young lad at his anvil stood beatin'
    Lathered in sweat and all covered in mucket
    When in came o' rough lass, all smiles an' good greetin'
    An' asked if he could see teh her rusty old bucket

    "I can" cried the lad an' they went off t'gether
    Along to the lass's halls they did go
    He stripped off his apron, 'twas hot work in thick leather
    The fire was kindled and he soon had teh blow

    Her fellow, she said, was no good fer such bangin'
    His hammer and arms were spent long ago
    The lad said "Well mine now, we won't leave ye hangin'
    As Oi'm sure you'll nay doubt all very soon know

    Many times did his mallet, by vigorous heatin'
    Grow too soft to work on such an old pail
    But when it was cooled he kept on a-beatin'
    An' he worked on it quickly, his strength nay teh fail

    When the lad was all done, the lass was all tearful
    "Oh, wut would oi give could me fellow do so
    Good lad wit yer hammer, Oi'm ever so fearful
    Oi ask could ye use it once more ere ye go?

    The dwarf laughs uproariously before he slips and falls headlong to the ground with a crash and a curse. He pulls himself up, lets out a belch, uncorks another ale and raises it in the direction of Ihar Burakin.

    "Happy weddin' day Thorin an Shiney."

  • Narfell Developer

    Dalton attends in something modest yet finely made. He nods and bids hello to the other attendees. He bares a smile across his face as he talks about the affair, "I'm so happy for them and look forward to their bright future together."

  • Raryldor joins in on the festivities and makes merry with the dwarves, offering his blessing to the newlywed couple

  • As Z brings Shiney up through the aisle to Thorin, Brumir stands between them dressed for ceremony and grasping a holy symbol of Moradin. He gives each of Thorin and Shiney an firm nod, then begins the ceremony.

    Blessed are ye Moradin who fashioned the earth, the mountains and the hills.
    Blessed are you Moradin who fashioned the gems and metals in the heart of the mountain.
    Blessed are you Moradin who taught the dwarves the skill to work the gems and metals in the heart of the mountain.
    Blessed are you Moradin who gladdens our Halls through his children.
    Blessed are you Moradin who gladdens groom and bride.

    He then looks to those gathered

    We be here today under tha All Father ta witness tha holy Union o Thorin Goldenaxe an' Shiney Battlemail.

    He then looks to Thorin

    Thorin Goldenaxe - frum tha moment ah met ye ah could tell ye would be a leader o our kin. Yer bravery an' selflessness has been a steadyin' force in these tryin' time fer our kin. Ye proved yerself a worthy Clan Warden long before tha title was bestowed upon ye. An' ah've no doubt sayin', that wit Moradin as me witness, ye will prove ta be a worthy husband ta Shiney Battlemail.

    He then looks to Shiney

    Shiney Battlemail - iffn' ah didn't know who ye were, it would nay have taken me long ta realize ye were a Battlemail anyways! Yer pappy's spirit is well alive in ye. Yer presence in our halls during these time be a blessin' straight frum Mother Truesilver herself. It only be fittin' that tha wife o a Clan Warden be tha daughter o one o Aura Runedar's greatest Clan Wardens, Beorn Battlemail!

    He then awaits Thorin and Shiney.

  • Dermin arrives bringing a crate of dwarven stout that is certain it won't last longer. He makes a toast for his friend Thorin and Shiney Battlemail, after remembering the days of adventure along Beourn Battlemail, the Hero that gave his life for the sake of many, and tells both he's sure Beourn is more than proud with this wedding.

  • Willow makes a brief appearance to congratulate the couple. Instead of fine clothing, the Shaundakulite's donned a chain-shirt masterfully wrought from steel wire, which she enthusiastically exclaims is crafted by Beorn's hand. That aside, she looks the same as ever; which is to say on the scruffy side with a few stray leaves caught in her long, messy hair. It's possible she tried to comb it, though certainly not visible.

    The solemn atmosphere seems an ill fit with the reedy half-elf. She talks too loudly and too swiftly, accidentally knocking over a bouquet with her elbow and bumping into a solid dwarven guard as she makes her way through the hall. As soon as she's handed over her wedding gift - a patented hang-over remedy which she swears works miracles even for a seven day feast - Willow's once again on the move and out the door.

  • Nathelin arrives silently and greets the happy couple with a warm smile and congratulations. He had spruced up his robe for the joyous occasion. He brought Blueberry wine that he had kept for a while from the Monastery of the Yellow Rose a while ago to share around. He said that this was the only one he could take, given that he had taken so many in past on his trips back to Narfell.

    He spends a lot of the time standing in the corner enjoying watching all the guests mingle and also gives each greeting back.
    He taps his chin and mutters to himself, " They look happy as doves, perhaps I will reconsider path of celibacy. "

  • Erurk arrives shortly after Reyhenna, keeping guard over the princess.

  • Jasmine attends and is cordial, content to remain in the background. She's polite and offers a small smile, but appears to be treating the event with dignity, seriousness and honor.

    Diadne is far more outgoing. She seems thrilled to greet the dwarven warrior who escorted her to the Sea of Glass, and remarks on how fortunate they are. She's happy for them both. She takes pride in being a friend to the dwarves, and recounts tales of the holds defense to those that will listen.

  • //to all players. The wedding is a forum rp. All PCs that consider the dwarves friends, are invited to participate to add their own awesome flavor! Afterwards a great party will be set up.Ale and meat for all!

  • The Chauntean priest, farmer, and crafter known only as “Z” also approaches from the south. His fine chain shirt glistens under a fresh coat of oil, his gear is spotless, and his bearskin cloak is clean and smells of fresh pine. Always alert, he scans the area with cautious eyes as he approaches Ihar Burakin, but his face beams with pride.

    Yes, hello to you. He nods a greeting to the guards as he enters.

    Grinning, he greets Shiney with a warm hug.

    Shiney, you look wonderful! You do me a great, great honor in asking me to escort you down the aisle on this special day.

    He speaks a few quiet words to her and a quick prayer to the Grain Goddess, Chauntea.

    Well, I think they’ve waited long enough, eh?

    With that he hooks her arm in his own and escorts her down the aisle.

    Upon reaching Thorin, Z gives them both a smile and a reassuring nod as he releases Shiney’s arm and moves to his spot for the remainder of the ceremony.

  • Narfell DM

    Reyhenna Jorino arrives from the north, presenting herself before the guards in the smart dress uniform of a Defender Captain before duely exchanging some words with the soon to be wedded couple.

  • Brumir gives Thorin a reassuring pat on the shoulder

    "Ah would normally tell ye it be missin' the crumbs o a gud meal an' the drops o sum spilt ale. But today it looks like that o a true Dwarven groom ready ta be united fer all eternity under that o tha All Father."

    He then gives Thorin a jestful nudge

    "Asides, thar be plenty o time ta git yer beard covered in food an' ale soon after! HAR HAR!"

  • Thorin approaches the fort from the south obviously in good mood, accompanied by two armoured Axes of Clangeddin. Dressed in silverish ceremonial clothing that bear the crest of his family, tradition of his clan, he gives an approving nod to the guards as he walks inside. The dwarves that accompanied him take their place among the others, guarding along the gates. He walks through the passage the two formed rows allow and finds his place in front of Brumir. He spots Ylva and smiles at her, inclining his head respectfully. Then turns to Brumir, looks at him and grins a bit.

    Solinnor, I am honoured to have you speak the words of my union with Shiney. How's my beard looking...?

    Then he runs a hand along his beard amused.

  • Thorin's niece Ylva stands there watching with an ale in hand and a broad smile stretched across her lips, proud of her uncle and his new wife to be!

  • On the crisp cold day of the ceremony, a greater number of dwarven guards are present outside the small fortress of Ihar Burakin. They stand in silence near the entrance of the fort, undistracted in their duty. Two of the guards, one with a large open book in hand, greet any visitors that approach and quickly demand their business at the fort. Anyone with a purpose other than the ceremony are rudely turned away and those who come to attend the wedding are asked their name, which the dwarf methodically scans a page in the book for. With a sharp nod of approval and quick hand gesture, some unseen mechanism winches the stone gate of the fort open and the visitors are welcomed in.

    Inside, the mood is solemn. The hall is decorated with bouquets of luminous mushrooms and shining crystals that shimmer in their glow. Rows of dwarves stand shoulder to shoulder with a path in the middle of the crowd that leads to a expertly stone carved statue of Moradin where the Sonnlinor Brumir Silverhammer waits. The dwarven guests remain perfectly silent as they all await the arrival of the groom.