Hiddie Hoe good neighbors and neighborettes

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    Well some may know me here. Some may not. Have been enjoying the server while waiting for my reviewers to tell me what's wrong with my second FR novel. Will most likely play for a while to see if I can call Narfell one of my homes in the persistent world universe. So far, I've had a lot of fun and big Kudos to Dm Stuipeder and Dm Void for running quests while I was in the game last weekend.

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    I'll post something about the two characters I got next weekend. I work away from home and only have a shipping/receiving computer to work from on weekdays. so I'm pretty much incognito then. I have the two ventures written down but not my characters names or descriptions (chuckle) I know one is a common elf druid of silvanus. (test character but could develop) The other a gold elf mage from anchorome. She has a complex background story. at least 2,000 words or more for the introduction.

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    Howdy! Welcome back @Winterhawk99 and glad you got up to some shenanigans already. Not sure if I've met you before but looking forward to meeting some of your characters in game.