Angry Notices

  • Narfell DM

    Several notices have appeared around Peltarch, some even brazenly stuck to the city hall during the quiet hours. Many of the notices contain anti-dwarven Hold and anti-Legion sentiments, calling the former extortionists and the latter tyrants. They are even said to go as far as to call the King a coward who does not put his people first. The notices all have a similar message "Don't give in. Don't accept it." When one notice is removed, it is said it will inevitably show up again in another location.

  • Lady Varya Tiller would be seen removing the notices as she walks about the city. To angry people that approach her, she would reply in various ways.

    "This may seem unfair, but with current arrangements we have created more jobs in the farm lands"

    To anyone speaking disrespectfully to the king:

    "We have conflict with lizardfolks of the east, giants and orcs of the west, bandits and gnolls in the south. People might think its unfair, but we are to trust in our King's wisdom to help maintain relations with others. The dwarves are very proud but have suffered heavy losses, whether they did it the right way or not, this is them asking for help."

    To those that may have heard her say any disparaging remarks in the past about the dwarves on the day they accompanied the king and try to call her out on her hypocrisy, she would admit what she said was wrong at the heat of the moment.

    There may be lingering negative sentiments from the paladina, but Varya looks to be making an effort to bury or dispel them for the greater good of Peltarch and the Narfell region on the whole.

  • Vick stares at the notices for awhile and then touches the wrapped package in his pouch. He takes one of the notices and heads into the city hall

  • Narfell DM

    A war veteran, very old man, limping his way through as he listens Brumir says aloud:

    -Hey, what are you talking about! It costed me a leg to defend this city walls with my life. Fighting for what I love most, my childern and my wife! I didn't see any dwarves when I was losing my leg against the succubi!

    Another war veteran that was walking down the pub and listened the previous one:

    -Shut the fark up! Dwarves did honored us with their presence in the last fight! They made their way through legions of demons and helped us defending the city in the last minute!

    The very same limping veteran replies:

    -What do you mean by honored?! If they actually did that, it was a so small army no one ever noticed because of their height and tiny numbers! I was risking my life till the end of the war!!!

    Quickly the second interpellates:

    -Show some respect to their kind!

    And finally the other:

    -Your mother is a wh...

    And so both men started to brawl in the middle of the street until an officer steps in taking both battered veterans to the gaol.

  • Brumir furrows his brow as he hears of the anti-Dwarven sentiment.

    "So lemme git this straight - our kin have spilt thar blood an' guts makin' sure Peltarch be saved from certain doom durin' the Nexus War, but ye consider us evil? Meanwhile, the farkin' dragon extorts weaker races an' has a army o gob, orc, an' frost giant scum, but ye cinnay wait ta run out an' help him?"

    He shakes his head

    "Northerners gut such farked up priorities."

  • A drunken dwarf in steel full plate flecked with blood stomps through the west gate on his way to an ale house. He stops to read a notice, grins nastily, and shouts with a gravelly voice

    “Aye! Don’t let yer officials give in teh honor! Don’t let em accept responsibility!”

    The belligerent dwarf laughs at each notice he passes until he makes his way to a bar on the docks, where he sits alone drinking far too much ale.