Recruitment Drive

  • Clerks from the Cityhall put up notices all around the city. It seems the city is looking to hire a few hundred more people for tasks that require little training. Many a person down on their luck sees these notices, and the clerks are busy interviewing people. Even those who are unable to do physical labor are directed to tasks such as quality control, or administration if they show a talent for it.

    While the payment for these jobs is not enough to compete with so-called 'normal' jobs, the government-funded program seems to provide an avenue towards working life for those who previously were living on alms.

    Of course, some choose to remain on the streets - whether it's because they truly believe it's the better choice, or they simply cannot see past the present.

  • "Well", the recruiter considers. "You're a hin, maybe you could be of use at the fields. Speak to Anna Tiller."

  • Narfell Developer

    Droim boasts of his self-starter attitude allowing him to learn magic on his own without needing to specialize or attend any formal institutions.

  • The recruiter directs the hin to a specialized recruiter, who then asks the hin's specific field in the arcane - whether she uses spells of any element or school more than others.

  • Narfell Developer

    a smaller than average hin approaches the clerks exuberantly expressing interest, blind youthful motivation and talents of the arcane. When asked to sign he marks Droim Highhill.