Gates to the edge of the Scar Locked?

  • ((FYI, the soldiers there would block anyone looking to go east across the Scar.))

  • Narfell DM

    As evening hits and the sun slowly begins to drop below the horizon a figure in blue that most would recognize as Jonni, the priest of Savras is seen entering the Bluff from the Pass. He nods greetings to the Legionnaires and Halfling Defense League soldiers he passes and makes his way out the eastern gate with a brief stop to speak to Old Lem. After his short discussion with Lem he makes his way down to the Ferry and across to the lands past the Scar for a short period of time before he returns and makes his way back north towards the Witch and Seer.

  • A lone figure stands on the Eastern edge of the Scar and watches the dwarves and Legionaires work. He stands motionless, but in plain sight, his mud and blood spattered armor and dark cloak wiping around him in the winds rising from the scar. Eventully, as the sun sets he seems to fade into the darkness.

  • After learning of the commotion, a self-proclaimed Professional wearing a rusty helmet, rusty fullplate, rusty boots, rusty halberd and a tattered cloak is seen by the shut gates shouting to any soul around or even when there's not any:

    "Hey! How dare you!? I never wanted to go that way, but then I suddenly wanna go, man!!! I wanna cross the scar all of the sudden!!! Hahaha, give me free passage!!! I know Thorin is a Profressional too, he's my mate, let me cross!!! Hahaha. Hah. Hahahah. hAhHAhjAJAajJHahH!!!!!"

    Laughing madly he goes away back to the city. His intentions are unknown as he doesn't try to reason with anyone around but shout to the air.

  • The ever wandering Shaundakulite Willow, on her way past the Scar to roam, skids to a halt in catching the rumours. She exclaims, with utter amazement and abject disapproval: "Close down travel, REALLY? Isn't keeping the roads free like, a major part of the Legion's mission statement? This is bullshit man!"