A Letter Home

  • A letter penned in a deliberate hand made it's way via private courier back to Cormyr, through the woods and the winding roads, breaking off before the city proper and heading for the Mortanis estate, where one Darius Mortanis awaited unknowing of said courier. Caught by surprise, he retreated back to his office and closed the door, locking it behind him to read in peace. The envelope torn and cast aside, the message read thus:

    I have some news that might help your plight. I recently came upon a master of the pale arts like yourself, hiding in a tomb in Peltarch and conducting research openly on the entrapment of spectres and ghosts. I have stricken a deal with him and will be working closely with him for the foreseeable, much be it to my dismay that it will pull me away from establishing trade routes, but I thought this might be of greater interest.

    His name was Garic. He gave no further detail, but I saw his graft and I watch him take life with it. He is certainly the real deal. He is working with Black Sapphires, I know little of the substance of yet, but they seem to be an enhanced version of the Black Onyx we are familiar with. I intend to learn what I can of his research, but for now, I have enclosed a sample of his research and work for your deliberation. Within the shard of sapphire enclosed you'll note a trapped wraith. He says his work is not yet done as the stone must be shattered to call upon the spectral servant.

    I trust you will inform me of what you know on these subjects. Responses can be sent to the back of house Lazy Ferret in Peltarch... I am something of a VIP in the area. Chances are the people involved will be able to keep the message secret. Feel free to ward it in some way if you will.

    I look forward to your response and will update you on more once I have it.

    K. Mortanis."