Anna gets into talks with the Onion Union about the current dwarven predicament.

  • High Harvestmistress Anna Tiller arranges to have a meeting with the Onion union. Only citizens of Peltarch who may have a personal investment in the situation will be allowed to attend, mostly farmers and whatnot, though a few adventurers may attend.

    "I would like to begin this meeting by addressing a mandate by the king informed to us by my daughter Varya. Apparently, we must make enough barley as well as..." She would glance to Varya sternly for a moment then continue speaking to the rest of the union "200,000 gold in Barley, and 50,000 gold in Hops. Even with the Grain Goddess' blessings that I can provide, I calculate that we'll have to increase productivity from all workers here by 20% for the next three years to pay it off. "

    She will sigh with a moments pause, looking a bit disheveled . "The dwarves have requested this order as repayment for the jewel not aiding them in their conflicts. I will not hide this information from you. And while I think its unfair, its our duty to the king to do as he asks. We are provided land, and while we don't pocket much coin we are always well fed, clothed, and sheltered. Its best we count our blessings and push through this. Grain Goddess grant us the strength that we may endure what is to come. Would anyone like to speak? Please take the golden potato"

    A gold leaf-covered potato is in her hand, one often used to moderate union meetings, and she would pass it to anyone who may have something to say, a simple way to maintain order.

  • @wywernywin Anna would issue onion union leaders and more experienced farmers to take some time and help the individual dockspeople and young workers ready to make a living help out with making a hops patch, as well as offering to personally educate anyone who might be interested in matters of faith as well. Accommodations would be made for housing for any of them that may be homeless; should rooms be full an allowance for local inn fees would be granted so long as a receipt was provided as proof of stay.

    Lastly, she would inquire with the local brewery to find out if its locally owned by the crown or privately owned. Pending on the circumstances either way she'd make an effort to communicate with them in regards to possibly using the excess hops in case the deal falls through.

    "We'll also need to start dealing with High Hold... as much as it pains me, and especially my daughter to deal with them despite the circumstances, I would rather Chauntea's bounty be provided to the people of this land then have Red Wizards and other folks get too solid of a foot hold economically here. Lets crush our opponents with kindness, quality, and craftsmanship!"

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  • A small but steady stream of people, young and old come to the fields of the Onion Union as a part of the government-funded program. Many of the individuals are from the docks, and have little previous knowledge on farming - but they show at least some willingness to learn the trade.

  • "If we have bad year" she replies to the commoner, "We'll just have to make due and see!" She sighs, every time she tries to implement the golden potato she knows everyone ignores it anyway. "We'll do the best we can to make sure we don't." She frowns looking to the possibly concerned faces. "The dwarves might not even take the deal."

  • A commoner also known as Anna takes the potato: "Uhm. What if we have a bad year? We'll prioritize food, right?"

  • Anna adds, "I have something to add, apologies! This has not been finalized yet, but pending on what may be happening, it could be the real deal."