Meeting: Dwarven Conclave & Defenders

  • Commander Vick Blake of the Peltarch FarScouts sends out requests for a meeting concerning the recent Dwarven conclave and City protectors. Messages are sent to Guard Jasmine, Cerulean Shesarai, Defender Scott and Kingsguard Erurk. Thorin will be gathering representatives from the dwarven contingent Specifics are vague at this point, but rumors say it could affect the city and most likely the entire region.

  • //Vick makes sure the Great Hall in Peltarch is clear and guards are set for the meeting.

  • //Thorin gathers trusted dwarfs and allies outside the Council of Moradin. So it's perfectly fine for Durgin to join them!

  • Narfell Developer

    I can bring Durgin who's been romping around with the dwarves lately if @Preacher 's okay with it

  • It is a bit of an open meeting to try and pin down rumors concerning the dwarven conclave. So mostly dwarves and the Peltarch defender personnel.

  • Narfell Developer

    I can be there if it's Saturday at 2pm or 2:30pm ET if you're inviting people outside of the leaders

  • Shesarai will be there.


  • I plan to be there with Shiney Battlemail

  • I'll try to make it.

  • Okay I am good with that, 2pm ET or 8pm GMT.

  • ((Would it be possible to push it back to 2:30 pm ET? I won't be able to make it at 1 pm on Saturday.))

  • //Let us see if we can make this happen in Saturday 1:00 pm EDT. That should be 6pm GMT.

  • ((6pm ET is difficult for me most nights as that's usually around the time I'm eating dinner. I could be available that time Friday evening, or we could have it on Saturday afternoon which would probably make it easier on those in the European time zones.))

  • Shesarai nods to Vick and indicates she will come. OOC: I'm GMT-5 also and available every evening this week except Thursday. I'm also available during the daytime except for Wednesday.


  • I am GMT -5.

  • Upon receiving word of Vick's request, Thorin sets course towards the Troff Legion to meet with the General Theaon Thorn and brief him about the conclave's content and ask him to join the Council in the meeting. Afterwards, he wastes no time and heads to the Crafter's Union to find Master Z and ask him to join them as a honorary kin, as well, skipping the briefing as the latter was present during the whole time.

    //OOC: My timezone is GMT+2, so i can make it as long the meeting time is reasonable for me.

  • This is more of an informal information gathering time. If it requires it another meeting would be set for diplomats or Higher ranking leadership to attend.

    Possibly we could do something in the evening or on the weekend. I am USA EDT so weeknights after 6:00PM are best for me or I can do after Lunch on a weekend day. Post if you are interested and possible times.