Dame Jasmine - Letter to the Bard College

  • To whom it may concern,

    Yesterday, Erurk and I rescued a deep gnome from the Underdark. He’s never been to the surface, and is a bit out of his element. He calls himself “Slibberling”

    He’s quite learned, knows much of the arcane, and specializes in “Oozes and Goo”. He would like take a stab at helping by using his knowledge to clean Peltarch’s sewers. I’ve given him over to the guards in the docks for now so they can monitor his progress.

    His unique knowledge may make him an asset to the college. I would be grateful if you could find a temporary home for him while he gets on his feet here in the city. The Herald is aware of his presence.
    He was very helpful in assisting us against the Drow during our return journey from the Underdark. At one point, he saved my life by summoning some sort of Ooze to distract them. I trust the fellow, and he seems eager to help.


    Dame Jasmine