-Organized Crime, terrorism in the Jewel-
    A report by Glorfina Elmwhey, Peltarch's Most Trusted Source for News

    A terrorized populace remains shocked and speechless after a new storefront, set to open in the commerce district within the ten-day, was defiled, abused, and robbed at wand-point in the early hours of the morning. Glorfina Elmwhey reports:

    Rumors have spread like wildfire throughout the Jewel. That utterly odious and wicked criminal organization which has plagued the Kingdom of Narfell since time immemorial - known only as The Gnomish Mafia - has struck again!!! This heinous syndicate, reviled by the populace, was thought to have retreated deep underground after the apprehension of their notorious leader, Gazuendheit, by a local detective agency operating out of the city of Peltarch.

    Evra Lane, the sole proprietor of the debased establishment - recounts in detail her terrifying encounter with the assailants - sources report that she only very nearly escaped with her life and was rushed to the Triad Temple Infirmary for immediate treatment. The suspects are reported as roughly 4 feet tall and slightly misshapen, with large heads and broad shoulders. The Peltarch Times has yet to confirm the nature of the pilfered goods or the motivations behind this heinous act. Has The Gnomish Mafia resurfaced to once again wreak havoc on the noble citizens of our Jewel?

    "T'were surely them", recounts Gladia Dorsenflemer, a local seamstress who had witnessed the event from the Amethyst Feast-Hall during a late-night community Jingo tournament. "T'aint a doubt in me mind. Ne'er trust a gnome."

    The Peltarch Times urges any citizens with knowledge on the current whereabouts of the suspects or the nature of this horrid crime to step forward with an anonymous tip. Evra Lane herself - currently in recovery but set for release sometime today - has issued a call to any and all local adventurers who might seek to recover the smuggled stock, and is advertising a hefty reward for it's return - along with any information that might lead to the capture of the diabolical perpetrators.

    ((Event tomorrow - Monday, December the 23rd at 7:30pm EDT! All are welcome! Get in here guys, let's see how big we can make that player list.))