Nathelin's Letter (// There are other character spoilers. Only stuff that Nath knows and thinks)

  • Within the dormitories of Yellow Rose monastery, Nathelin sends a letter to a courier addressed to to closest friend Li Tung from Teflamm. Shou town -The Floating Dumpling

    My friend it has been a while since we met or I sent a letter. I think I have reached my latter stretches within Narfell. I'm Grateful you had told me to stay and wait before planning my trip to Kara-tur long ago. You were right there was so much I needed to see and there are still things I need to accomplish. I confess that it was very difficult to maintain light within Narfell, especially when everyone hearts froze with coldness and broken glass. Many mocked me for having faith in goodness of others but how things have changed.

    • Tyrus is maybe now living happily ever after with his beautiful waitress love . This also meant that the city had a miracle bone of St Dionysus they could use for a while before it was returned home.
    • A flying kobold is free. I hope he is doing well and wish to see him again one day before my trip.
    • Morgan a Helmite who was blind, bitter and broken, now has a child to look after. It is his light. I used to dislike the arrogant sod but Verika help me see truth and reason for bitterness. I have no idea how he and the child came to be, but maybe one day I will ask him and he will tell me.
    • Speaking of Verika, she is going through changes after she got her revenge. She will never admit that she found resolution in her heart, but that I think is up to her. She has always been a loyal first friend in Narfell and perhaps I shall speak to her about her progress.
    • Khyale though her eyes is lost, she see her friends more brightly.
    • Thorin has formed new dwarf alliance and grown into a Dwarf leader.
      -A child who was at the cusp of death has a second chance for life.
      -Jirka has h freedom and the Orc’s spirit was able to rest.
    • Isolde and Jonni who also had spiritual frostbite strive for peace, even when harshness is an anchor. In fact Jonni is reason why I have a book to the place of Demi dread. I didn’t realize he had a thing for drama writing.
      -Jasmine is in crossroad in life between two choices of light. I used to think her heart was cold as Aurilites, but I’m glad she had proven me wrong.
    • Strangely Erurk is not just a monster that used to put heart on trees, (Though he still does) he helps the city. There is irony in the fact that I spoke to him about doing good deeds when I first arrived in Narfell and he gave me a look of unbelief. Now he is king’s guard and works for benefit of city and orc people.
    • The Lying ‘Rat God’ that had killed innocents because they didn’t give him tributes is no more, but even if there is a bigger threat his victim’s soul will finally find peace. If it wasn’t for Jasmine helping me see through his lies, I would have been the other monk dead near it.

    To think if I left after Tyrus's mercy mission, I would had missed it all...

    And then there is Sima....
    It shamed me to say this but at beginning, I thought she was just a scared girl and she would just be a burden. There was more to her, she had much suffering and turmoil inside. At first she was alone and afraid of being persecuted because she was different. I still remember the anguish in her face, consumed by fear. There was only one option. Was I afraid? Yes, but I had peace in heart and mind that least I could do was to make her unleash her suffering onto me, even if had meant death. Your right my friend I do have a saviour complex but there are no regrets. She had started to grow and s grew on me she did. I had feared that she coveted gift to a point of disregard to herself.
    This whole mess is my fault if I didn’t give her shadow crystal as piece of home then Barovia wouldn’t come to try to claim her. However she was determine to find whole shadow crystal I just made it all go faster. Barovia only wish to use her family legacy as treasure, they do not care or see her for the precious life she is, or the innocence that I still see in her. I will not let them have her so they can cut her up. I made Barovia vampire promise to leave her alone and if he comes back to try and take her again, I shall and will end him.
    For a time I had let fear get hold of me but time away made me see light. The bear reminded me of gentleness and strength to a point that I realise that I can protect her without stooping like monsters of Barovia.

    My friend I thank you for being so patient, even at all his time you still offered to escort me to your home in Kara-Tur, but I don’t think I will ever need to go there. I do not know when, but I shall travel deep into the Demi-plane of Dread and I do not know if I can or shall return. Perhaps when Sima is ready and strong enough to take that step. I shall be the light in the darkness like Verika had taken care of me. At the end as much as I wish to protect her she must choose her own path. In her life she never known true freedom. Even from noble life she was bound. Besides path of celibacy, I cannot not ask her hand, or I be like them that just think of her as treasure for self-gain.

    Oh yes before I take the plunge into the darkness, there is something I need to do. Relieve suffering of Old Norwich if possible. Ghosts still haunt, the ‘Rat God’ may be gone but he was not responsible for the destruction. I know there is more to this story than the departed spirit had told me. I’m still afraid of the venture, but I must have courage. I know the Broken God and St Sollars is looking after me even if the Demi plane is out of their grasp. Whatever challenges lie ahead I will think of light and mercy.

    Cheers friend, I hope I can return to taste your restaurant’s delicious dumplings again. Actually I Shall head there soon before heading back to Narfell. Save me a seat.

    Nathelin Disciple of Yellow Rose.

  • Ah everything has been settled on her matter.//(Though now i understand what retconned actually means. so pretend that all is resolved though it never happened)

    Went back to Mintas Rhelgar. Did not see Demonbinder again which is a relief. Guess he got bored of being king of a ruined kingdom. He must have been lonely poor crazy man, or perhaps he is the other who knows.

    It was good to travel with the others again. Scott is good leader. I'm glad to see his point of view when it comes to survival and leadership. Norwick is so peaceful at night time to rest finally a peaceful night.

    -Nathelin Disciple of Yellow Rose.

  • I am impressed by Unen. He found a way to not only store stuff in dwarf dungeon but also compensate and make him feel good about giving up secret to Herald. I told him about the Goliath's i met in other side of Giantspires. (//made up on spot, not actually in server). Fun loving giants unlike the ones here that would smash you with a club before you can great them. Though their fun means throwing rocks down cliff as you climb. Lucky they had giant bird ready to swoop me up.

    Unen is hopeful for Norwick future and have same sentiments. It's probably for best I stay away from Herald . She was a spark away from exploding like powder keg and I accidentally lit her up with my suggestion. Besides she hated me the moment i first stepped in the hall.

    About Rika's situation i think there may be time for redemption, maybe when time passes. Who knows perhaps she wants to own situation instead of hide away and hope for best. That is up to her. I wonder if Rika understands that the guards she killed, are people for all i know they could had families missing a parent or brother. Of course she has thought of things, she isn't a monster like those Painters.

    I will still wait for them to call, they know how to reach me though i hope they aren't as disappointed as they were before.
    Let say that once this is all over, i don't think i should keep if possible, mortal minds are easily tempted by power. Even though i'm not tempted how would i know i not become tempted. Maybe because of trust. That must be a difference.

    Perhaps Mashal is right and i over-complicate things. Things could not be more simple. I have a goal and should just focus.

    -Nathelin disciple of the Yellow Rose.

  • It seems Norwick starting to have more problem with the outside , which was not something expected when i first arrived. . That last job really took a lot out of me. That axe buried deep into my ribcage. After i woke up from my nap in the commons. Rika told me that she attacked and killed guards and challenged the leader.

    I was prepared for the Herald to be upset. Deep down i knew my suggestion would just anger her, All those dead guards ... It is possible that Rika can be forgiven though it will be very very very very very difficult. It will take time and patience. The Herald must have thought I'm uncaring of them, of course not I just thought best way for way to handle this is for her to make up for deaths even if it means fighting to death against painters. Equate was a very wrong word.

    Make no mistake she shows remorse but not really ownership of what she did. Perhaps when i see her i should talk. This is time for courage and not blood.

    -Nathelin of Yellow Rose.

  • I still have that pounding in my head and a little weak but I'm glad to help dwarves in sacred quest. I knew that i was going to fall but i could not let Wolfie go down, especially since she lead the mission. They saved people long ago and now they part of kin and bluff. I may not know their names so well but i think i proved how much they mean to me. As i lay here with the fey I wonder maybe I'm starting to gain that sense of courage.

    I will need it for tough times to come.

    -Nathelin disciple of Yellow rose and traveler of enlightenment.

  • I feel the rain washing away my pain or maybe it’s because Verika told me I was not
    blamed for the incident, though I had a different impression last time. I should had known better than
    to stick around when she fumes. I wish she didn’t do that at all.
    Maybe the rain is also symbol, washing away the stench of failure.

    Perhaps I can start anew and move on from all that happened. I need to be more courageous like Sam.

    -Nathelin disciple of The Yellow Rose

  • I felt really bad like it’s all my fault, but honestly Verika knowing her picked a fight with him and it caused this mess. Make no mistake it’s my own too.
    Sam gave me good advice. It’s a bitter pill to swallow about her. I have learnt many things not to do from her. I still care about her but I should give her space. I can’t avoid her like he said, it will take all of us to defeat the illusionist and possibly get the things stolen back.
    It will take time to get confidence back but what I need is courage and where is that young man that used to think positively in hard times, have I truly lost that all?
    Even though I still think there are people better, it chose me and I answered but I still need to keep an eye and ear out and learn more.

    I have no doubt I will make mistakes in future. I will just need to learn and move on.

  • As i stay here at the pixie grove all i can do is cry. I failed at everything that i do and everyone gets hurt. Somehow i managed to anger a Lich when he stabbed a barmaid and tried to choke Cerulean pregnant Elf. He keeps taunting me that he will kill her. He set his web and one beat us both and took stuff from her tower and almost drowned us. Verika pretty much threw me out with his rubber duckie. I think that was her breaking point, I do not think we are friends anymore after all this. I do wish to get stuff that was stolen but that imposter is long gone back to the hand of Leira. Not like I'll bump into him again.

    I got to wait for their call. How do i tell them that I'm at lowest point and useless now. Maybe he found another. I got to remember that their anger is not them. Perhaps at the end i shall return the gem, it is not only the right thing to do but from past I'm not sure any mortals should wield, it's too tempting for the races like us.

    Ughhh...When did everything become so hard lately.

    I shall sleep with the fey tonight.

    -Nathelin, disciple of Yellow Rose

  • I spend time each day at camp at Gypsy pass mourning over her death. I buried her at that exact spot. I should and could had done better. There was no way that druidess was one that did the terrible deed. She fought for her last breath even though i told her I don't want to kill her, at the end wounds too severe to heal. Perhaps i did a good job and buried her to a point that no one could see her and she is part of the dirt now. A consolation that is a fitting end for druids.

    I don't think i can fight them all nor do i want to, no more bloodshed, i will have to do better. I cannot nor shall not tell a soul that is promise. So this is my burden alone..
    I wonder how Sima is doing after sending letter of love, Mashal was right but now long time has passed. I think she is hiding and fled. Best for her to be safe she has disguise and can become unseen. Perhaps i shall send her a letter. I do need her.

    Overall my confidence is close to naught, little one was right I'm not whatever I'm so suppose to be now. I do not think i understand. Talonite was right there is so much hidden even from me, but overall I trust him and always will or i cannot help. I still think there are ones more capable than me, especially the Rasheman Gypsy, she would fit like glove, but it chose to speak to me. As i hold gem I remind myself that only I can help and when it is all done i think i shall return gem back.

    -Nathelin Disciple of Yellow Rose

  • Norwich is nice and peaceful, much better than the city. I think Norwich is important place in Narfell. If something happen like Old Norwich than enemies have path to Dwarves and Bluff. If only Peltarch understand importance the neighbours. Besides king understands importance and the Dwarves are in in good relations with others so it's win win.

    I should not listen to those that want to have a rise out of you or just push you away. They aren't worth time. That little trap prank Vick did was dangerous but i understand why he did it and after walk back no reason to be mad. Isolde might hate him because she thinks he's vile and cruel but he isn't really just on surface appearances.

    I was suppose to go with Dwarves on excursion but i had to return home for moment (//damn power outage.) However i did not see them on way. They are busy expanding their kingdom within the bluff and alliances. I shall help them when they need to they are best sturdy allies to have. Who knows maybe they will have another journey next time.

    I also miss Sima, perhaps i will see her again, i kind of get now how she felt when she felt ridiculed. Been like that foo me ever since i arrived here. Erurk welcomed me back i think. He was least i expected to do so and much appreciated. I shall enjoy new home and keep an eye out of surrounds and stuff.

    All is better now.

  • The mood is toxic in city, everyone is mean and cruel. It's the politics getting to them, i can see why Jasmine is going for a while. It's funny they say that the Dwarves and the Legion are the poison's but they it's easier to talk to them and Thorn was much more reasonable than they give him credit for.

    They can't see that king might have bigger plans and faith that Dwarves will be better allies in future not just feeling sorry for them. It will take time. Perhaps i should stay away from city if i can help it, it will just be sad. Time to meditate and have peace, at least in my mind everything is in balance.

  • This time Nathelin writes on notes of paper seemingly glued together with wax, like he's writing his thoughts on a journal

    They had threw me a party before i returned. I really loved it there, but l Narfell is second home now. How much time has passed. //6 RL months is not really not that long but think time is converted to years, so it's a long time.

    I had met a strange group in an alley Shou town. They were scoundrel group, though i do not remember name. Four people a male Half-Goblin and Half-Ogre, Female Half-Drow and odd one of bunch, a Sembian warlord and ex- slaver. He was human like me. I heard howling, like many cat strangled. I hid behind crate to see situation first. They were all most ugly, skin was like gray torn wall paper and smell of sewers. They called them Measles. Make sense they were pox on city and had numbers, maybe at least three times as many. They had no problem killing them all. There was one that tried to sneak attack the Half goblin but I grabbed him before he could strike.

    It must weird sight it dangled by my hands and tried to bite me. I did not know what to do and looked at them with dumb eyes. The Ex-slaver told the big one to grab and stuff him on the crate and the giant kind did. He stuffed him so hard that it splatted, along with crate. They thanked me and told me that they were looking for the monster leader that stole their client's child. They refused help saying they had it under control. Sure..I wonder who will clean up the mess.

    I met them at party again and told me that they believe that the Thayans tried to work with mad cultists to try and what's that word....implicate the Yakuza of the Nine Golden Swords as minds of the kidnapping. Even worse they reveal it child was one of Shadowmaster's. It's ironic that they are allies of closest friend. The Warlord drunk told me story of how he got sick of leading armies and waiting for them to mutiny against him, and they beat him and sold him to slavery. That was how he met the others and they spent long time escaping from under-dark. Now they work for Shadow masters and other high paying clients. The female Half-drow called him to bed, and i just passed out on the table.

    He takes several long moments before writing again

    Morgan and Verika, they do not want me to go and like Li-Tung at first asked me if this trip was worth it.
    It is . I'm grateful that i had to travel and make good friends in Narfell, I wish the same for her. Freedom and happiness. No matter what she decides.

    Now back to meditations.