Kaern of the Shebali (Arkaiuns)

  • I will cleave a path of destruction through my enemies. That is the only way to save my people. I couldn't stay in Swagdar or mother's death would be in vain. Damn Drow Poison.. Crinti will pay with their last drop of blood. I promised father that i will grow stronger, that time i will be ready to take back our lands. He will send me letter. He had told me that Narfell is a harsh place and will teach me to be strong.

    I shall find Malarites and become strong hunter and find other followers and forces of furies. I will hunt and claim trophies for the Beastlord. Perhaps i will find Drow to destroy, no better yet torture for endless days. I shall keep an eye for Loviatar clergy, they can share the same fate. Then again they might enjoy it.

    Enough with my rambles i think my ankle has healed up nicely now. There is much to get done.

  • Lizards-men taste like expected fishy lizards. Their swamp reminds me of the Rethild, boiling and sticky glue. Don't get me started on the insects and leeches. Damn Lizard King of Rethild, we had a deal, but you perferred the Crinti's gold! We will never forgive betrayal. We were lucky to escape the ambush. Lost a lot of warriors that day and also a good friend. Even at this moment we still at war with them. That is why peace never works.

    Trust is so hard to accept, when you have history of betrayal behind you.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • I never cared about the Paladin's Holy quest but there is something about Old ruins before Norwick that gets me. Those souls needed rest and they got it, unlike my people who are slaves even in death to the Crinti. Our dead serves their necromancers. However it's not my job to remove the undead but it is a worthy hunt, especially the big taint that fouls the place. It's a darn shame the Paladin chickened out before we went further.

    There was also a giant hunt, well they said it was just a explore mission to the Hold. We slayed many giants. I got to practice my technique. 'Hit em where it hurts but put more oomph into it'. It was like chopping giant trees. It's a good thing that i spent most time at home chopping wood for my tribe. It helps when your full of rage and bloodlust. It was ironic timing that Dermin found a ring that made me even more bloodthirsty, if that is even more possible.

    I was barely able to taste Giant's dried blood from my axe.Hmm it's like a rich bitter taste from swamp. I kinda like it. From now on with I shall taste enemies blood before i clean axe. Yeah maybe the Elf is right and I'm crazy, but why should i care about what she thinks. The other elf is right if I show same savage as I did against giants then i may one day be ready.

    I need be strong for my people, we have suffered too much otherwise. I like way things are progressing.