Adalum The Wanderer

  • Written in crude Ulutiun

    Can't believe that I have to travel with them! They would be consumed by the frost if they they travel in Angulpuk. They were so hopeless giving in to Slave-master. (Well most except Wild man, he is a savage monster.) I wanted to teach them lesson that that to survive you must be tough or you be eaten. That is life in Pelvuria. Speaking of home, when this is all over i will return to Ice lake Valley and find Caribou. My Pimataung will kill me if I do not find precious life-blood. Stolen caribou was suppose to be part of new Aiskotuk. Life was so hard for us in Yigguk that we spent generations taking caribou from others. I wanted to impress Kiam member with with my Jakarek riding so i can join Iskotuk one day, but a tree got in way and Caribou escaped.

    Grr that is when Slavers found me and called me an exotic find. Well Slave master choked to death and now we have to help Pimataung of new island with orcs and goblins and treasure I care nothing about. Ugh have to helpless ones survive. They have their uses. I don't think i could make ship go to where i want on own. I will use them to get home. Maybe i teach them how to hunt too. If they can learn way of wild then we may all make it. I will also admit this new land is scary but i will adapt.

    When I go back home i will beg Pimataung for forgiveness and work to become next Iniagok so tribe can not only live but we can share traditions with future generations.

    // Glossary
    Pelvuria= The Great Glacier
    Angulpuk= Far right region of The Great Glacier
    Pimataung= Leader of tribe
    Kiam= Advisors of tribe next in line
    Iniagok= Morale officer, like community officers of recreations and songs and stories keeping the tribe happy and healthy.
    Iskotuk and Aiskotuk= Generally caribou herding. Iskotuk is term used by Anglutuins for Caribou herd migrating with the herdkeepers. Aiskotuk members are the ones left behind to tend to the other caribous and animals back at home.

  • Written in crude Ulutiun.

    I watched over them for the night as they slept after Pimataung told his tale. They always keep one eye open. They must think i will rob them, or worse slit their throat as they sleep.
    Though as tempting as it might be to do such a thing i need them.

    They never witnessed the cruel harshness of the frost and the power of the Frost-maiden. Our neighboring
    Iulutiun village Isalrk buried under huge avalanche of ice crystals. It called itself a chosen. (Then rumors true, had the last Ice-Queen perished?) It looked human like us but haunting beautiful, unforgiving eyes and wrapped in snow white fur.

    She commanded authority, although she did not need. Not with a group of frost giants and a White Dragon steed big as hill. Pimataung tried to save village but his pleas fell on deaf ears. She wanted one of few Anagakok left in Pelvuria and there is no doubt in my mind that she will find Anagakok. He was one with ice as she kissed with frost-death and wailed a song of charm to all guardians while the rest escaped. I did not stay to watch them get pounded to mush by the giant's tree clubs.
    I'm thankful that i always brang Jakarek with me to slide down hill where perched like snow owl. I need to find it when i get back.
    I pray that we do not meet any of Frost-maiden servants for i would not know what I would do. I just hope Angulutiun family clan survives while I'm stuck here.

    // There are three Ulutian tribes in the Great Glacier from most common to least-
    Lulutiun, Angulutiun and Nakulutiun
    Anagakok- A frost-mage revered in all tribes but there are only very few in the Great Glacier. Lulutiuns have most Anagakok.
    Jakarek- Basically a one person sled reigned by a caribou.

    The main enemy I chose for the story was A Frostwind Virago found in Monster Manual V 3.5e.
    Also made up village name.

    From time to time before Wyvern's quest i might write up more stories based on her village life for fun and do that with the other characters too.