New Merchant Items

  • I'm currently making some new areas and some new merchants for IG. I am curious as to what items you all would like to see IG through merchants. I want ideas for various items, weapons, armors, shields, helms, rods, staves, wands, potions, ammo, jewelry.. whatever else you can come up with. Could even be as simple as new food and drink from various lands.

    I'm sort of focusing on Calimshan, Thay, Narfell, Damara and Impiltur for the 'theme' of these items for these merchants.

    Trying to stay between 4-8 points on the enchanting scale when thinking up items and you need not actually make them in the toolset, I would just like ideas with descriptions if anyone wants to help. Post here or PM me, either is good.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas.

  • Scrolls. Lots and lots of scrolls. I'd say up to fifth circle, if not higher.

  • @darkspyr At the moment containers only come with three options for appearance. The best I could do is color code the names. Brown for scrolls cases, blue for gems bags and green for quivers/ammo pouches as an example.

  • Dev

    Just going to throw a few out there and see where they land:

    Thayan Gladiator Helm
    Properties: +1 AC, +1 save vs. fear, -2 Listen (5 points)
    Description: The arenas of Thay were easy places to lose ones head. This battered helm once protected brutal gladiators from losing theirs.

    Thayan Gladiator Bracers
    Properties: +1 AC, 2/+1 DR vs Slashing, -2 Open Lock, -2 Set Trap (4 + <6 points)
    Description: Good armor can be costly which lead many gladiators of Thay to rely on sturdy bracers like this one to give them a defensive edge in combat. Although simple in craft, these bracers were well equipped at keeping Thayan gladiators safe against strikes from a blade but cumbersome for tasks requiring dextrous hands.

    Red Wizards Robes
    Properties: 2 Bonus Wizard level 1 Spell Slots, +1 Fort Save, -1 Charisma (6 points)
    Description: Common among apprentices within the Red Wizards of Thay, these robes bolstered the magical abilities of a young wizard at the expense of being a bit of an eyesore.

    Damaran Winter Cloak
    Properties: 10/- DR vs. Cold, -1 Dexterity (6 points)
    Description: Although simple in its appearance, the commoners of Damara use these cloaks to fend off the intense winters of their homeland. The thick cloak offers a warm comfort to its wearer albeit unwieldy to move in.

    Black Raider Spear
    Properties: +1 Enhancement, +1 Reflex Saves, -1 Charisma (6 points)
    Description: The Black Raiders of Calimshan used finely forged spears such as these to raid caravans traveling between Calimport and Memnon. The quality of their weapons often lead any witnesses to believe they were supported by Sultans or someone with wealth.

    Black Raider Studded Armor
    Properties: +1 AC, +4 Taunt, -1 Charisma (6 points)
    Description: Horrific patchwork hides painted dark shades like this one were worn by the Black Raiders of Calimshan to raid unsuspecting merchants, steal their goods and leave no one alive.

  • I think a lot of the basic potions and scrolls should be available. For example, even the merchant in Spellweavers only sells 5 or 6 scrolls, and they are pretty random. He should have a huge selection.

    I've been able to locate most of the zoo potions in various locations except owl's wisdom. So, adding that to a shop would be nice. It would also be nice to find them all in one shop rather than traveling all over Narfell to get them.

    If we can't get automated enchanting IG, then allowing +1 or +2 items would be a nice alternative. All the basics: AB, AC, stats, saves, skills, etc. Maybe just look at past enchanted item requests for ideas.

    I'll try to write up some items when I get a moment.

  • I'd add here, in DrD's post, that you think about items (trinkets, weapons and armors) that you would find worth to purchase after an long exhausting trip.

    Thinking just that doesn't matter price, you'd definitely buy them.

    (I'll be also stealing some ideas >_>)

  • Most of the items I listed might be abused in some way but warnings can be put in that gem pouches can only be used for gems or jewelry, same for bullet pouches or scroll cases.

  • I like organizational items, but not sure what the system can do or not. Something unique in looks beyond just a name change to a box or bag.

    Scroll case
    Weight 1, takes up two squares instead of 4, Looks like a tube, 40% weight reduction.
    These tough cases are often found on adventurers or those working in the wilds to protect and organize their scrolls from the elements as well as unfriendly hands. They are enchanted to provide quick access to scrolls.

    Gem Pouch
    Weight 0, take up a single slot instead of the normal 4 slots. No special properties.
    These small pouches made of leather or linen, are tough and easily concealed about a person, to protect their gems and small trinkets from theft.

    Ammo pouch
    Weight 0, take up 1 or 2 slots in your inventory, no special qualities.
    These rugged pouches, which fasten to your belt, offer organization and easy access to bullets and stone ammunition for a sling. Originally used by shepards in the fields, they have taken on new importance for adventurers and those using the simple sling as a weapon.

  • If anyone wants to submit some ideas to me lets follow a small template like this when submitting ideas. It does not need to be too detailed, a short description, a unique name and the properties you think should be on it.

    I will also be handing out some type of reward for submissions, whether that be some xp or a custom item made for you.


    Red Wizards Staff

    Bonus Spell Slot Level 3
    +4 Spellcraft

    Mass produced by the Red Wizards of Thay, these staffs are handy for the many apprentices in Thay and are often found being sold in various Thayan Enclaves or merchant houses across Faerun.

    I am also looking for non-magical trinkets that would be useful to PC's. New poisons/drugs unique to the 'theme' lands I mentioned above and also more natural potions that might be made by a Herbalist from various roots/herbs or whatever else.

  • I agree with +1 AC items, maybe +1 enchantment with a debuff? Or no debuff 🙂

  • Dev

    Thayan items would be a great on theme way to help out lower level wizards. I know there is a desire to see more staves in game so that would be awesome even at an aesthetic level. The closest thing I found were fishing rods or clubs. I'm not sure where the server stands with wands.

    I'll list a few properties that I think would be helpful to find at merchants for lowbies:

    • Acid, Fire, Electricity, NE 1 to 5/- DR
    • Physical 1 to 3/+1 DR
    • +Save
    • +1 AC items
    • extra cantrip/1st level slots for wizard/sorc
    • skills like spellcraft, listen, spot, concentration, discipline

    I also think for anything a merchant should have, there should probably be some negative side effects to the item that give it some flavor and balance.