Enchanter Sought

  • Narfell DM

    Throughout Norwick and Oscura, several well written notes are placed

    "Enchanter sought for enchanting a pair of boots.

    All materials provided and payment is 25,000 coins as well as a perfect spell crystal, two smaller spell crystals and three rough spell crystals.

    Also, if enchanter wishes, a unique component can be used to allow the enchanter to not feel drained from the process.

    Confidentiality is given to the enchanter should they wish to remain anonymous.

    Seek Inquisitor Liriana of the Forgotten City if interested."

    ((The component mentioned allows for an xp debt rather than a hit to xp, meaning that xp is gained slower as part of all xp gained is added to the xp debt until paid off))

  • Narfell Developer

    Victor ponders on the idea for a moment

    What you ask for is beyond my abilities so I shall have to decline.

    He turns and walks off into the dark streets

  • Narfell DM

    Liriana surveys Victor for a few moments

    At first, some boots. A decent enchantment of protection. Enough to keep me fleet footed whilst in battle-armour. And as well as a minor grounding enchantment to help be keep my feet.

    If the quality is good, then a second order may be placed for a shield.

    I have the gold ready if you wish to proceed?"

    ((9 point enchantment, +2 ac, +2 discipline))

  • Narfell Developer


    Victor sees the notes posted in Oscura and approaches Liriana

    What sort of enchanting is it you need?