Build 905P3

  • Maps

    • Imported new UD maps (Unattached for now but ready for future content).


    • New UD creatures.
    • One last horned critter nerf.


    • Improvements to the ore spawning sytem.

    • A new miniboss was added in a specific dungeon:
      Some adventures have reported to Norwick Militia that a goblinoid hero is emerging and dwells somewhere inside a cave in the Howling Woods of the Rawlins. (Recommended party Level: 4-6) **

    • After lot of feedback from both the player base and the staff members, the Minotaur's Maze has undergone a thorough balance. This is just a step forward in our campaing to make some unreachable areas more accesible for everyone. The place is still a mid-high level zone so be careful: try it slowly, know your limits and your way outs, then push further when you feel you know what your are facing:
      Rumor has it after the 1st place Mazerunners survived the horrors of Minos in the Underdark, many more adventurers tried out their luck undergound and perished. Nevertheless, it is said that their sacrifice has been more than enough to make the horned beasts more reckless in combat, as they brag about their victory upon the surfacers and claim none has what is needed to challenge them in their own territory. At the same time some adventurers, survivors of the maze, spread the word people are really pushing deeper in the maze, that there are ways to go backwards through some intricated patterns of the thousand doors amid the grueling trek, and that the horned beasts are telling nothing but utter lies like the deceptive creatures they have always been. (Recommended party Level: 12-17) **

    **The Party Level is a recommendation in order to take advantage of the experience poins and level progression. This is by no means a restriction to adventure. On the contrary, go out and find out what is this about!