Halloween 2019 - Spooks On Parade

  • It's that time of year again folks! I'm looking to run my yearly zombie apocalypse event, so here's how we're gonna do this:

    I'd like to run this on Saturday, any time from 12pm Eastern time on.

    All are welcome to attend even if they show up last minute, but I'd like to get an idea of who wants to come on here if possible.

    Rules are as follows:

    Event is OOC, treats will be given to all

    You will be attacked in waves of varying difficulty.

    Dead characters will be reanimated to join the horde.

    Reanimated characters will remain a part of all subsequent waves.

    Prizes of custom items will be given to: The last player standing, the zombie who kills the last player standing, and at least one (possibly more depending on attendance) given randomly based on partyroll. Other criteria may be added at any point by me, including on the fly during the event!

    This usually runs long, so fair warning.

    Use of voice chat is encouraged during this event because I enjoy listening to you all be weird.

    Additionally, any DM's who wish to assist would be more than welcome, and I would reward one PC of your choosing if you do so!

  • ill be there but ill be late. just running out on a quick errand

  • Sorry, didn't see the post! This'll be at about 12pm Eastern time

  • What time will this happen?

  • Dev

    Sunday works for me. I've got 2-3 friends who aren't active narfers also interested and available.

  • I should still be good, maybe a little late.

  • Sunday can work, as well.

    Thanks for running this; I always have a blast!


  • Also for those wondering who to play - please be aware that like I said, this is an OOC event and is just about doing goofy stuff and having fun. Paladins will not be penalized for playing with evils. Priests of Bane and Torm are welcome to heal each other with no penalties. Literally do whatever you want, I just want us all to have a good time!

  • Actually due to me being an idiot with scheduling, I'll need to run this Sunday. Is that good for everyone?

  • Now, who to play?...hmmmm...I may go for something different and fun. Die early, die hard.

  • I've never been able to play in one of these, but I'd love to! Count me in to try and attend!

  • I look forward to this!

    Z's in!

  • Dev

    Aw yea, I missed this last year. Looking forward to catching it this time around!

  • D
    Double yay! I should be able to make it, if I do not forget.

  • YAY!