Build 905P2

  • Map changes

    • The Long Road - Heroes Bluff now has stone walls after the dwarves, the legion and several other adverturers worked hard to build them.


    • Nerfed some horned critters of the Underdark. Go out (underground) and explore.
    • Nerfs for a couple of other UD critters in preparation for future randomized content.
    • Revisited a couple of other pointy ear creatures in order to reflect their high CR.
    • New UD creatures.
    • Added one NPC for DM Rust's plot purposes. Find out IG!


    • Two minibosses were added in certain areas:
      a) Rumor has it a not so visited Family Crypt in the Old Graveyard of Norwick is unleashing uncanny dark energy from the very inside as some Crusaders have gone lost in their futile attempt to purify the unnatural forces below. (Recommended party Level: 8-9) **
      b) Increased graverobbery in the Peltarch Barrows has been notified by some adventurers to the Jewel authorities. (Recommended Party Level: 9-11) **

    **The Party Level is a recommendation in order to take advantage of the experience poins and level progression. This is by no means a restriction to adventure. On the contrary, go out and find out what is this about!