Durgin Woke

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    Character Name: Durgin Woke
    Player Name: tpickles211


    The silence broke with the half orc's moan followed by her lament "I hate waiting. I'd take half pay if it just meant I didn't have to sit on my ass and wait" which prompted a chuckle from the gnome. He stroked his goatee, "Oh Borba, you know this is high profile, like across the desk of the masters kind of high profile. I'm sure if this goes well we will be looking at plenty of skull bashing, gold, whatever you wish in your future. Try to stay focused". Borba, furrowing her brow and peering at the gnome, began to open her mouth for a fiery retort but was interrupted by a knock at the door.

    The room was dark, small and without an escape route other than the door that the two questionable characters entered it from. And that same door was the origin of the knock. But it wasn't an unexpected knock; it matched the pattern they were told about. Borba quietly pulled out her custom made, concealable bastard sword from her darkened leather armor. She positioned herself facing the door while the gnome approached the crack between the door and its frame. Hearing nothing he slowly opened it, saw a sizable package at the step and gestured Borba to bring it inside. Borba rolled her eyes "farkin' useless Jorlin". Chuckling, "hey you're the brawn and I'm the brains". Borba rolling her eyes "I thought I was both". More chuckling, "Maybe so, but at least I've got a pretty face". Borba grunts as she puts the package on the table, and not from the weight of it.

    "Excellent, the masters will be pleased. Let's verify the shadow weave device is in working order". Jorlin pulled a pry bar from his toolbelt and opened the small crate. Borba's eyes widened "Fark, it's a child". "What? Oh...well I don't see how that changes anything" dismissing Borba, Jorlin pulls a scroll and a small pouch of powder from his belt. He sprinkles the powder on the child and starts to read the scroll. Borba, now backed into the corner in contemplation, sees a small dark cloud begin to emerge from the skin of the child. "Jorlin, this is not thievery. This is slavery. Or maybe something much worse" Jorlin continues the incantation while shooting a frustrated glare at Borba.

    Borba approaches and lifts her blade "Stop your tricks now wizard or I'll stop them for you". Jorlin stops, seemingly composed but fear is present. Borba can smell it. "Do you have any idea what you're doing Borba and the response it will invoke?"

    "This is not what we do. We must not let a life be a mere tool without a will of its own"

    "And what is it do you think we do exactly? We're a massive organization of thieves. We play with lives all the time. The only difference I see is those ones just think they can still act on their own accord while we hold all the cards."

    "Step back from the child"

    "Oh Borba, you simple minded half breed. I knew you were more trouble from the moment I set my eyes on…" Jorlin's snide remarks were interrupted by the pommel of Borba's sword coming down on his forehead, rendering him unconscious.

    Slowing her breath and calming her demeanor, Borba looks to the child "Well whelp, not many only one move we can make now and that's get the fark out of here." She blows the powder off the infant boys body and the dark cloud fades away. Borba conceals her blade and picks up the package. Before reaching for the door handle, she looks back at the snoring, irreverent pile on the floor. She could kill him. But that might further enrage the Shadowmasters. As sufferable as Jorlin's presence was to her, she would not have to experience it any longer on any more jobs. Chuckling at that one positive factor of her new future, she opens the door and slips away into the streets of Telflamm.

    Durgin Woke

    Borba, finding a safe house for her and the boy, tended to him for a few days. When she first pulled him from the crate, his skin was pale but color was returning.. She didn't think much on it, but figured the boy needed a name and, being a dwarf, needed something to fit the part. Borba began calling the boy Durgin.

    After a week, Borba figured they were safe for the time being. Either she covered her tracks well enough or Jorlin was wrong and the Shadowmasters didn't put as much meaning on the job as he did. Her nights were spent often sleepless. She wondered what to do with the child in his unnatural slumber.

    After two weeks, Borba noticed the child moved. And in a month's time, Durgin woke.

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