You Are Invited: Current long-term DM plotlines

  • Heroes, villains, do-gooders and n'er-do-wells are invited to partake in Narfell's ongoing plotlines.

    The the DM team's current main long-term plot lines cover different flavors or genres, and include, amongst others, the following three:

    • "High Hold": A long enmity between High Hold and the Jewel. External and internal factions both trying to sabotage an unstable peace as adventurers work their way through the intrigue, politics and military strategy which will shape the future of the land and either bring about the next war between two old rivals or secure a peace to last well into the future. (DM Gatekeeper)

    • "The Waterdhavian Coven": One progenitor, three vampiric sects. Each laying claim to Narfell as Kingdom for their Queen, and unconcerned with the lives of the land's mortal chattel save as food or a distraction from internecine clan politics. Partake in intrigue, unravel the factions, or hunt undead in a thrilling game of life and death. (DM Lazarus)

    • "The Compass Worlds": A classified arcane facility housing a clandestine machine that provides its operators access to uncharted worlds disconnected and alien to the planescape. And yet, the operators seem more than willing to let adventurers partake... Mystery, exploration, horror, and strangeness ensue as you explore the depths of this device's secrets. Peer into the void, and it peers back. (DM Xanatos Gambit)

    You are invited to partake in one, or indeed, all three of these plot lines, as well as others. The easiest way to partake is to pay attention to DM announcements, mind any shouts in-game, and to be available.

  • Just want to give a shout out to the DM team for running these amazing plots, I appreciate all the events you run and life you breath into this game, it truly is the reason I'm playing all these years later.

  • What Flom said.
    Generally we all try to be inclusive for events so we will try to accomodate anyone of any level. Just bear in mind that if you are a level 8 and everyone in the group is level 14 your chances of surviving is going to diminish.

    If you want to survive high level events with a low level pc know your limits and act accordingly.

  • In my experience, most events target level 8-14.

    However, DMs (myself included) tend to modify events to meet the average level of the available party.

  • It might be worthwhile for DMs to post (here especially) what level PCs each plot is intended for. I know that it wouldn't be a hard and fast rule, but I suspect any PC below level 11 and without considerable magical defense would be hard pressed to survive these events. What would the DMs advise?