• Thanks all in the community for good times in distant past, and more recently.

    It was wonderful to return (after a 10 year gap) last summer and find a community of good people, in environments that felt like comfy old slippers, in their familiarity. Especially kudos to Caoimh, Wywernywin and Flom for continuing to make engaging story content as DMs in time zones that I coincided with.

    Best wishes to all for the future. I'd plan on lurking around in Discord still, or can be contacted on Facebook as Simon Wilkins, should you feel the urge.

    Legend Lore for Caling is probably alive, and well and running some other sort of long con scam, or philanthropic orphanage for street kids, in a different City. Maybe she's a paladin, opinions vary.

  • Though it has already been some time, I am never one to say never, nor one for goodbyes.

    Narfell's doors will always be open should you decide to return, which I hope will be sooner rather than later. 🙂

  • It was wonderful having you come back to visit. Feel free to come back and visit again!