DrDreadlocks NPCs

  • Fana Jevakt

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    Fana Jevakt is a petite woman, barely over five foot in height, not an imposing figure at all. Her bright green eyes are constantly searching, always alert as she cheerily talks to anyone with a constant half-smile on her face and walks with a swagger of someone who seems to be used to the rougher side of the streets. Although rarely seen out of her black leathers and dark hooded cloak, her light blonde hair often falls out of the hood and she quickly tucks it back up. A longsword rests on one hip, a quiver of arrows on the other and her shortbow is tied off to her backpack when she is relaxing in the city.

    Seeming to be newly arrived from Damara, Fana claims to be a merchant of sorts. She hires groups to find unusual components for the strange concoctions she makes. She claims the process she uses taps into old lingering magics from mighty spell battles of old that have seeped into the natural surroundings and can be harvested through her unique abilities. She sells these 'potions' though claims they are all-natural if a bit strange in appearance most times.

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  • Darkest Knight -- Deceased

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    He makes no attempt to hide his allegiances, though his true name is unknown. The Banite priest known as Darkest Knight is thought to use clones, or simulacrum. How he accomplishes this is unknown. He has never been known to use arcane magics, only the divine magic supposedly provided by Bane. A known associate of the True North - a band of renegades who wish to see High Hold free of its current leaders and turned more isolationist again.

    Darkest Knight is adept at necromancy, or so it appears. He has been the alleged cause of necrotic magics in High Hold and across the land. Beyond using necromentals to further his cause, he usually makes appearances when innocent people are infected with cysts that eventually lead to a horrible ending for the host. More recent news is that Darkest Knight is dead, having been killed by adventurers during the riots of Blackbridge. His body disappearing in a flash of magical energies and believed destroyed. He is also known as one of the people who may have been responsible for Lieutenant Eric Destal's death.

    Skulking Cyst

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  • Maude

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    A commoner of Peltarchian birth and ooe of the many clerks who serve the Crown, Maude is often seen hurrying about City Hall or the city itself and almost always seems to carry a bundle of documents in her hands and in a bag at her side. The only exception is when she is out for some 'fresh air', at these times she lingers in the commons to chat up the local adventuring types or at the tables of the Mermaids outdoor patio to enjoy a cup of tea.

  • Captain Darien Hardin

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    The youngest son of the aged patriarch of the Wavebreakers Guild, Wesley Hardin. Appearing only in his early thirties, Darien has only recently appeared in the Jewel again after an absence of over a decade. Immediately upon his return to Peltarch his father named him head of the Wavebreakers despite him having several older siblings. His siblings are known to include Bordrir Hardin, Ruhlen Hardin, Larkem 'Wom' Hardin and his sister Amber Hardin, all accomplished Captains in the Wavebreakers fleet.

    Darien himself seems to be pushing the Guild back into the public view, actively seeking trade with the neighboring countries of Narfell and the Crown itself. Not much is known about the years he was gone from Peltarch and what he did during that time, but the occasional story might filter through the docks of the young Hardin being a successful adventurer and Captain himself in the Sea of Fallen Stars and the nations of Impiltur and Sembia. His first ship, a galleon called the White Privateer is said to anchor in Uthmere in the Great Dale - his second ship, a caravel called the Loyal Jewel is anchored in Peltarch.

    As the future of the Wavebreakers is in question after all the years of trade loss, while their main competitors, the Seafarers have flourished, all eyes are on Darien as he tries to get his guild back out of the rough waters and become a force within the Jewel again. He is said to have a heart of gold in the normal tradition of the honest and loyal Wavebreakers and rarely speaks a unkind word about anyone. He is often seen in the docks chatting with not only sailors but also spends time at the Lighthouse Temple and the shrine of Valkur, teaching the orphans of the Jewel the values of sailing and hard work.

  • Eric Destal -- Lord of High Hold

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    Eric is an oddity among his more rugged High Hold companions in that he sees the world as one big adventure to experience. At twenty years old he has a youthful naivety that is often accompanied by the boyish grin that comes with inexperience on worldly matters. A strapping young man who is easy to look upon yet not having the outward glamour of the bards he seems to admire so much.

    He is now said to be one of Maeve's bodyguards, a high position for one so young and that may speak to his skill with a blade despite his age. When he is not watching over the Tiefling woman he is often seen about the Bardic College practicing his Lute or at the Mermaid enjoying some lemon chicken with an ever present look of fascination at what Peltarch has to offer.

    Recently, it is said that Lieutenant Eric Destal was under the hold of the infernal forces plaguing High Hold, alongside Maeve, Lord Ewan Sent and General Ackerman. Rumours go around that Eric is now dead and many stories speak of the various causes and people responsible, but no one can agree on who to fully blame for the well liked Lieutenants death.

    Having been released from the grip of the Infernals, Eric now rules High Hold in Ewans place. Ewan and Meave have not been saved from the Infernals and until they are, Eric remains Lord.

  • Lyshan the Lost

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    Though its name is not yet known, the hulking figure of this Cornugon devil is easily identified to anyone with knowledge on devils. Standing well over 9 feet in height and likely weighing close to 700 pounds, this scaled devil with its sweeping horns, massive wings and serpentine tail does the bidding of an unknown master.

    The only thing truly known about this devil is that he wishes to possess the Weeping Blade, Ellendrin and once had it in his possession before a group reclaimed the fabled sword from him. No doubt he will come searching for it again..

  • Leanna of Mystra

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    Leanna is a shorter woman with dark hair, her eyes tend to glow blue and they have a mischievous glint in them always. She wears a bright happy smile and constantly seems to giggle as if she is Touched. Her attitude is comparable to a child in the way she acts, she has a disregard for those around her though anyone who knows her well believes she is not malicious, simply flighty. She has been known to be very helpful and kind to people yet she has also lost her temper on more than one occasion and lashed out with her magics at those who brought her anger out.

    Leanna is the self-proclaimed daughter of Mystra, a demi-god in her own right or mind. No actual solid proof has ever been offered to explain whether she is indeed the daughter of Mystra or not, though most seem to accept it due to the power she wields. She is known to appear in a flash of brilliant light that stuns, deafens and blinds those around her temporarily. She often comes to Peltarch to visit those she calls 'friends' or to offer up tidbits of information that often lead to some adventurous trips.

    Leannas last few appearances had her signature 'explosion' of light on arrival lessened. She seems to build up power around her with little sparks shooting out here and there. When the sparks increase she tends to flash away in her usual light burst. Perhaps she is learning now to control her chaotic powers better.

  • Navarra Stormwind of High Hold -- Deceased

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    Her background is obvious to any who live in Narfell and know of the native people. She is a Creel barbarian, one of the most violent tribes and known to attack on sight any outsiders not of their tribe. Navarra is tall and strong, with long brown hair that she keeps tied back most times and hazel eyes and bears one facial tattoo which upon closer inspection appears to be colored in scars from some type of claw injury she once sustained. She carries a large axe, the head of the axe covered in arcane runes and it glows brightly no matter what tries to tarnish its metal.

    Navarra is said to be the leader of Lord Ewan Sent's personal guard. She was known to work with Asher Creed and many believed she had taken part in his traitorous activities though Ewan still seems to keep her close to him. Unlike her native Creel, she seems less violent unless provoked and actually speaks to people.

    Navarra died during an explosion outside of Blackbridge. The explosion was caused due to an attack by the True North on the wrecked Spelljammer that had crash landed outside the town after the final battle with the Neogi.

  • Asher Creed of High Hold - DEFEATED

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    Current Status: Asher was defeated and taken into custody. He currently resides in the Helmite Temple in Jiyyd awaiting justice from High Hold.

    Asher's stark white hair is cut short, his face is covered in piercings and a tattoo can be seen snaking its way up his neck from under his clothing or armor. Pale skin and accent would mark him as a northern tribesman although his height is average, not the usual tall stature of the northern tribes. His face seems to have a permanent scowl on it, he is blunt, dismissive and generally rude with most people he speaks to, especially Pelarchians who he seems to hold a greater distaste for. When ready for battle he wears the colors of High Hold, carrying a morningstar and a plain black wooden shield.

    Little is known of Asher. He is said to have powers of the divine though none seem to know which god he worships and very few go asking. What is known is that he is a cruel and miserable man who most people avoid and he seems to command his own unit of men in High Hold, possibly making him a Captain or something more, though he wears no indication of rank either.

  • Lord Ewan Sent of High Hold

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    A man of average height and average looks, Ewan's brown hair is cut short and his brown eyes like pools of murky water. His plate armor is well used yet well maintained, a plain looking longsword rests comfortably on one hip in its scabbard, the other hip holding a shortsword with a jeweled pommel and that jewel being the only show of wealth on this young man. He seems slow to move, slow to talk and slow to react with any emotion. Most might think Ewan a commoner if not for the coat of arms emblazoned on his shield and tabard, a badger standing on a chunk on coal, four bars of gold over its head on a field of green and brown.

    Known to leave most of the day-to-day operations of High Hold to his trusted friends, Ewan is still well known for his ability to lead. He is equally comfortable negotiating trade deals or leading his men into battle and is said to have single-handedly slayed the Fire Giant Chieftain Sigvog during the siege of High Hold at the age of sixteen winters; the act itself ending the siege and sending the Fire Giants back into the mountains. He is also known to be the grandson of Akton Sent, the Defender traitor and ex-Lord of High Hold.

    Coat of Arms

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  • Maeve of High Hold

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    Maeve's ancestry is obvious in her dark reddish skin, two small curved horns that match her skin tone curl backwards on her head as they rise above the silky black hair that flows freely down past her shoulders. Pointed ears seem to catch every sound nearby, her head tilting slightly at each noise as her amber eyes seem to take everything in. Her looks are ageless; her beauty absolutely flawless in her silk robes, those robes most often in the green and brown color of High Hold. Although she walks with a confidence born of her blood and seems to flaunt her features and use them to her advantage, she is cautious enough to cover up her more distinct traits when she is in public.

    She seems to be shrouded in mystery. Her name is Maeve, she is a Half-fiend who serves in the forces of High Hold and is an arcanist of some power. Little else is known about her at this time.

  • General Devon Ackerman of High Hold

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    Devon seems the typical soldier, tall, broad shouldered and muscular with his blonde hair cut short, his blonde beard trimmed neatly. The most distinguishing trait about him is his piercing blue eyes. This middle-aged man seems good natured and quick to laugh at a joke, though when his duty calls all that is replaced with the absolute focus expected of any General. When in public he is always seen in uniform, the green and brown plate armor of High Hold with his plumed helm. A metal ring on his belt holds a heavily runed mace and a darkwood shield is always close at hand.

    As with most of High Holds people, due to their lack of involvement in Narfellian affairs over the past few decades little is known about these individuals. What is known through various sources coming out of Damara is that General Devon Ackerman leads the forces of High Hold, he is completely loyal to the Lord of High Hold and the soldiers who serve under him are completely loyal to him. 'Firm yet fair' is the saying often used to refer to the General.