A Bardic Wedding Celebration!

  • For weeks, a steady stream of caterers, florists, tailors and other bustling businessfolk have flitted to and fro the Bardic College. A flurry of activity seems focused on the Theatre's rooftop, where festive lights are hung and music plays in the evenings. Though gossipmongerers spread the word in advance, the cream-coloured, expensive cards confirming the event finally go out to family, friends, collegues and comrades:

    alt text

  • Rumours from the wedding mention no eggs - but surely an untold number of them must have gone into creating the one and only towering edible at the event, an impossibly huge, twenty-five tiered wedding cake! Gossip-mongerers claim King George, one of many fabulous guests at the event, enjoyed a hefty slice while speaking at length to Leonan Wingates, father of the groom. Some claim the father of the bride also made a appearance, delivering a mysterious gift to the newlyweds, though others insist this unknown man is some manner of charlatan who fenagled his way in for a free drink and an untold amount of sumptuous cake.

  • Brumir gets word of the wedding

    "Hrm...... wonder iffn' they gunna be servin' eggs."

  • (Sadly, I won’t be home until later on Sunday. Please consider Autumn and Jasmine in attendance)