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    This thread provides my interpretation of NPCs used by multiple DMs, including myself, either in general or by a subset or group of DMs. It is subject to change, and to feedback from other DMs.

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    Peltarch Herald Damien Fisher


    Physical Description: Short, pale, and dark haired, the wiry and sour-faced Damien Fisher is typically draped in a modest bureaucrat's garb. Compared to his brother George, he is not particularly handsome nor physically appealing. He walks with a faint hunch on his back, and his clothes tend to be worn loosely, in particular, his shirts or anything hanging from his torso. When he speaks, he speaks with a nasal, dry voice, often tempered with sarcasm and sardony.

    Public Knowledge: Damien Fisher is brother to Peltarch King George Fisher, and despite his royal bloodline, served as the Herald to the Peltarch Senate. He is often the first point of contact for adventurers seeking information or assistance from City Hall, civil administrators, or indeed, the monarchy. He is the head of all civil administration at City Hall, and holds authority over every clerk, as well as a de-facto seat at the King's Council. He has a reputation of being a greedy man, especially in his relationship to adventurers who enter city hall with requests -- often charging a personal fee for assisting them. However, some note he never charges non-adventurers. Despite this fact, Fisher does not dress extravagantly, nor does he possess or display any worldly or affluent jewelry or objects.

    His daughter is Bess Fisher, better known by her adventurer alias, Reyhenna Jorino. Little is publicly known of their relationship, save for the fact that they were separated during Korreth's war while Bess was merely an infant. Korreth sought to purge any claims counter to his own, Senate or Royal, and so exiled Damien, his brother George, and his daughter Bess to different regions of Narfell and, indeed, Toril. Korreth further poisoned Bess' mind with amnesia prior to her exile. The royal family is now reunited in no small part thanks to the Church of Siamorphe. All the same, rumor suggests that Damien and his daughter have nonetheless experienced a difficult and at times conflicted relationship.

    As King George is expected to take on one or more concubines or additional wives, Damien (and his daughter's) claim to the throne in the event of his brother's demise is precarious at best. Damien has been one of the more persistent forces to help his brother find an hier, and has sent missives and letters to potential suitors ever since it was revealed that George's current wife, the Queen, is infertile. Though Damien is royalty, city officials do not treat him with the same reverence as they do his far more charismatic brother George. Most treat him as an administrator and bureaucrat, and indeed, he holds himself out as such. Whereas King George is renowned for his ability to spend the Crown's purse (usually to help the poor or the destitute), Herald Fisher is to the contrary known for his ability to refill it, especially when working in conjunction with the current Master of Coin, Enenan Snydders.

    Thematic Music (2):

    Filial piety.

  • Narfell DM

    Magistrate Vlana Borodin


    Physical Description: Her eyes are dark, whirling pools of black, and their gaze contains a certain elevated indifference. Staring at them long enough can lend them an air of uncomfortable intensity. Her raven hair is perfectly groomed, and she almost wears the dark red robes lined with Peltarch's magisterial embroidery. She carries with her an enchanted staff, upon which she tends to idly lean. Her voice is rich but her dialect and tone are at once contemptuous and bored, providing a scornful vessel for precise and calculated words.

    Public Knowledge: Nicknamed "the Viper," for her alleged propensity to magically transform guilty parties to stone, Magistrate Vlana Borodin is one of Peltarch's three judges. She is part of an old Peltarchian bloodline rooted in the times far before those of the current King. Unlike her peers Magistrates D'Arneau and Galpen-Ashald, Borodin's faith or deity is ambiguous at best. Likewise, she is also reputed to be the harshest of the trio of Peltarch's Magistrates, especially to those who provide no legal defense and rely exclusively on the mercy of the court. Despite her cold, judicial logic, she is known to express a certain dry, frank, almost sarcastic humor at those she deems worthy of mockery. A time ago, she chose Cecil Northman, previously a Norwickan guard, as her Inquisitor. He has shed any titles and allegiances to Norwick and currently operates as the hand and executor of her judicial will. Northman recently ascended to the rank of Magistrate. She has chosen Morgan Azzen to be her newest Inquisitor.

    Thematic Music:

    Judex damnatorum.