• Narfell Developer

    Trade Hall PS
    Limited quantities available in Peltarch and Norwick. Speak to a DM to purchase a key.


    • Many Norwick merchants' buy/sell prices have been adjusted to match their Peltarch equivalent.
    • Hemrod's "Essence" items will restock. The store will need to be reopened to see the new inventory.
    • Horses and Paladin mounts will resize according to their owner's racial type.
    • Snakes are now skinnable and edible.
    • Negative Energy Burst's undead strength enhancement will no longer stack stack. But a second, higher-level casting can set a new higher value like other ability spells do with rolls.
    • Fixed disappearing encounters.
    • Bug fixes for fire and cold auras.
    • Minor bugs and fixes.

    Custom Content

    • Merely some dev tools this time, in preparation for future content. In this case: a basic class-based event script system for supporting future custom classes.