Alt PCs Cohort: Silver Host Survivors

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    Survivors of the Silver Host

    The Silver Host were a wandering band of Paladins, Knights, Clerics, and others devoted to Torm's cause. The followed Ser Robert Holmsmead and Vere, Seer of Truths. Their intention was to rid Narfell of any and all evil. And yet, certain corrupt individuals orchestrated the demise of the Silver Host. Their leaders were engulfed in flames and their bodies burned and scattered. All consider the Silver Host to be defeated for good.

    Little do they know.

    Rumors suggest that a certain cohort of Silver Host warriors, mages, sneaks, and other followers have survived.

    OOC: This event and approach is a means for people to make alternative PCs that share a common backstory and are already involved in Narfell's ongoing narratives. Anyone who wants to play a member of the surviving cohort of Silver Host, post below. Depending on interest, I will schedule an introductory event, and perhaps more.

    No obligation to keep playing the alt PC, of course. All are welcome. More information on the Silver Host is found here (click)

  • We will see what the interest is, Tpickles. Currently I'm flush on plotlines and need to wrap more up, though if interest remains, we can definitely pick it up again.

    Either way I plan to continue it in some fashion or another. The degree of depth will vary depending on interest.

  • Dev

    Any plans for the next installment of this @Flom ? I really enjoyed how everyone was at the same level and the trajectory we were goin

  • Thank you to everyone. We had a bigger turnout than expected, which is good. The party is 11 strong.

    For those who couldn't make it on time, the Alt PCs Cohort will proceed with follow up events in the weeks to come. You can join in at that point. Stay tuned and watch this thread. I expect weekends will be the most likely bet.

    Scheduling and more general RP will become easier once we catch up with the main Narfell timeline.

    As noted in game, this "campaign" style of events will continue until we catch up to the timeline. I ask that you not play your alt cohort PC until then.

    That said, we can always continue the main timeline of events (on the non-alts).

  • Event begins in 1 and a half hours.

  • @tpickles


    New time is: Tomorrow, 12:00 Noon EST.

  • Dev

    @Flom any way that could scoot back an hour or so? 8am on a Saturday is a little rough for me on the west coast

  • Not too sure if I can make the timing, but I'll roll up something beforehand just in case I do!

  • Time for the introductory event is tomorrow, 11:00 AM, in the morning, EST (21 hours, 30 minutes from the time of this posting).

    Please read the Silver Host profile (click), which was recently updated with an addendum that includes a new physical description, public knowledge, and thematic music for Vere, Seer of Truths. It is easily findable by Ctrl+F searching for "Vere, Seer of Truths."

    A note: your alt PC should not have too much experience or age. Early to mid 20s should be the most (adjusted for elves and other long-life races).

    A reminder to Jasmine and others who already have a PC: please do still make an alt if you want to partake in the introductory events.

  • Saturday, 11:00 AM EST is the tentative time for the introductory events.

    I ask that those who have already made their alt PC refrain from logging in with that PC until that time.

  • Some people are asking about story details, etc. Do not worry about it. All that must be revealed will be in due time.

    You are also permitted to make any type of PC (priest, paladin, rogue, etc.), so long as it is good-aligned, owes some sort of allegiance to Torm or the Triad, and so long as the PC is willing to work as a team in a loose sense. While you can make a character that can and does act independently, the character should be more than comfortable with -- and indeed, should welcome and seek out -- cooperation with others, and especially with the rest of the Silver Host cohort.

    I also assume narrative control concerning certain backstory elements for each character.

    These are the only restrictions.

  • @tpickles

    I'm thinking late morning, early afternoon, either Sunday or Saturday or both. More to come.

  • I have an idea for one! Excited for this weekend.

  • Dev

    @flom could you suggest a range of time this may be taking place?

  • Those interested, be ready to roll a new PC. The PC should be ready by this weekend.

    That includes those of you who already have PCs (i.e. Jasmine, Tpickles) and want to play those alternative PCs. You will understand why eventually.

    I am thinking of commencing this weekend, so be ready.

  • Dev

    I've got a hin cleric of Arvoreen in the works. Perhaps he could have some allegiance with the Silver Host

    EDIT: or can just roll a new Torm cleric

  • I have a Lvl 9 paladin named Rico Reyn who hasn't done anything in quite a long time and might have been tagging along with the Silver Host. I also have a new lvl 4 rogue/paladin named Turra Tao (former burglar who was inspired by and decided to follow the Silver Host).

  • Hm. I'd be game for building a new religious type, not sure yet if Cleric or pally though... Prolly gonna go with the former. 😛

  • I'd be interested in making a cleric.

  • I've got a paladin in reserve for this 👍