Taking over Coal Mines

  • Rumor has it the dwarves are organizing a mining trip to take over and extract as many coal from the coal mines, broadly known to be dominated by the ferocious Goblin Slaves that run on sight. It seem to be the first of many trips to complete a honorable task of dwarven workers in the Heroes Bluff. Everyone is welcome as depending on the numbers joining, the mining trip may get to explore other areas looking for more resources.

    Trip would happen in Sunday.

    Everyone is welcome (say again the dwarves).

    Join now!

    OOC: Contact @Preacher for more information in this regard -- also, he's in charge on setting an hour for those interested in this trip >_>

  • @Preacher My kid has a soccer match an hour and 45 mins before goblin mine go-time. So Blue will try to be there, but will likely be a little late.

  • ((That's 5pm ET in North America.))

  • //The starting march into the mines will take place at GMT +2 , 23:00. Anyone who wishes to join the dwarven mission and has solid friendship with the stout folks can post here his/her interest or ping a member of the Council of Moradin in game or discord. Goblins (or their friends) resistance may vary from normal to deadly. You are adviced to be equipped with enough supplies.