Dame Jasmine of Peltarch (deceased)

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    General Description

    A woman of medium height and stout build. Dark almond shaped eyes set in dark complexion suggest an odd mix of racial heritage. A pile of inky black hair sets on top of her head, secured in place by two slender knives. She’s just out of her teenage years, and at first glance inexperienced.

    Clothing and Equipment

    Jasmine wears an exquisite set of Dwarven crafted armor made of steel and Red Dragon scales, overlaid with silks. She carries a staff with pointed, mithril blades at either end, on which celestial runes display prominently. A composite recurve is secured by harness to her back.


    Jasmine eschews the use of heavy armor, relying on speed and staff play to avoid combat. She's very quick with the staff, and uses a combination of staff and martial throws to drop her opponents. Her ability to parry and deflect attacks is excellent.


    She seems quite pious, often praying to Torm

    The runes on her silks are of celestial design

    She takes great pride in the condition of her equipment. It’s obviously well cared for, cleaned and polished.

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