A New Chapter

  • Narfell DM

    I suppose with some sudden staff shifts, there will always be questions about what's going on behind the scenes. The DM team does not always agree about server direction (it probably wouldn't be healthy if we always agreed about everything), but we do always remain an amicable democracy. To be clear: no member of the DM team was asked to leave. Whether we agree or not, there has always been one constant thread that runs between the DM team and, truly, all members of the staff: we love Narfell and its community.

    I'm your new HDM.
    Your new Lead Developer is its_a_fire.

    There are planned alignment and brainstorming meetings for the DM team (this Sunday, ET), player guides/leads (the following week), and developers (maybe also the following week)... so stay tuned. Haks (more visual options - monster models and clothing - and PrCs are on the table; we hope to expand the available spell selection as well) and additional content (the devs DO trawl the wish list) are on your way for us/you and we're taking every step to make sure that no in-progress stories are interrupted.

    As players, keep up the exemplary role-playing you've always shown as a community. New things are coming. Exciting things.