LFP: D&D 5e intro oneshot

  • Legion

    What: a short-form (one-shot/convention-session-sized) "pen-and-paper" D&D 5e game, with me as your DM
    Who: anyone who wishes to give playing D&D 5e a shot, but hasn't gotten the chance to try
    Where: Discord (I'll be sending appropriate invites to folks who are involved)
    When: TBD (will work that out with the players)
    Why: there are folks here I am sure who would like to see what WotC has been up to with the D&D franchise since D&D 3.x, but haven't gotten the chance to try newer editions of D&D
    How: If you're interested, post here with your Discord name and I can get in touch with you from there 🙂


    • Please let me know in advance if you're an honest-to-goodness arachnophobe! (The dungeon I have in mind for this so far has strong spider themes, and I don't want to send anyone running away from their PC screaming. I have no issue running a different adventure to accommodate!)
    • You do not need the printed D&D 5e books for this -- the 5e Player's Basic Rules and System Reference Document are both available freely online, and between the two, are sufficient for this.
    • There are a variety of activities planned as part of this adventure, with opportunities for combat, exploration, and diplomacy. Don't worry if your character for this isn't "combat optimal", either; this isn't intended to be a hack-and-slash-fest, and I'm not a DM who slaps people around for bailing on or avoiding a fight.

  • Interested but time zones could be an issue!