Carol Nightinggale

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    Carol came from a fairly loving family that lived near the edge of town. Her mother worked as a seamstress and her father as a logger. With her father away and her mother engrossed in her work Carol would slip into town to play with the other children and beg at the bakers for sweets. Sometimes they would even get to see the minstrel that made his circuit through the town every few weeks or so.
    She loved seeing the minstrel and listening to the stories he told. When he played the yerting she'd try to memorize the notes he played and how he played them.
    As she got older she was assigned more tasks and couldn't go to see the minstrels show as often. She began helping at the apothecary sorting herbs, measuring out medications and sweeping up the place. For this she earned a small pittance every month which she left with her mother so she wouldn't spend it.
    Finally, after about a year of this she had saved up enough and she bought a yerting from the general store. It was rough and a bit out of tune but Carol loved it and she practiced on it daily recalling the minstrel from her childhood.
    After a few years of this constant practice she grew to a level where she was, at the very least, a moderately good player. She actually began playing at the local tavern and would occasionally earn a gold piece or two for her troubles.
    It was then that Carol noticed something about herself and her music. These songs that she sang were just the same thing over ad over and over again. She wasn't growing anymore as a musician.
    So it was that day that she decided to leave, to explore and experience new things, to learn new techniques and to get better. So she left with a few coins, her yerting and the clothes on her back to explore the rest of the continent.
    Unfortunately she also forgot to inform her parents and after worrying for a couple days they decided to put a bounty out for information on her and/or her safe return.

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