• I grew up in the streets of Telflamm, the daughter of Turmish warrior and mother from Kara-Tur. My father had traveled far and wide, plying his skills through contract and adventure over the course of many years before retiring in Thesk, where he met my mother, the daughter of Kara-Turan comrade in arms. This marriage 20 years ago to a much younger woman, the odd pairing of Turmani and Kara-Turan produced yours truly.

    My father had retired well, and I wanted for little growing up. However, my house was steeped in the importance of honor and duty, and when I reached my menarche and became a woman, I was asked to choose my patron.

    I chose Torm

    It was not a choice my father or mother would have suggested, but they were pleased with it, and did not try to sway me to either of their own cultures. Torm was popular in the military and guard in Thesk, and both mother and father approved. Torm fostered the merits of honor and loyalty, values both my parents embraced.

    Despite my father’s wealth, I was not permitted to join the Merchant Guard. Inquiries were made regarding the clergy, but after a very brief three months of study I was deemed unsuitable for the role. Instead, my father turned to his former comrade in arms, also now his father-in-law to obtain the services of some quality instructors in Kara-Turan martial arts. My weapon of choice was the staff, both bladed and weighted, and I spent most of my teenage years learning from my teachers and trying to stay out of trouble.

    As I approached adulthood, I heard tales from the local bards of a great group of Tormites who called themselves the Silver Host. I listened avidly to the stories the bards told of their conquest and victories, and soon I dreamt of joining their number as a soldier in arms. A year later I bid my parents farewell, and arranged travel north to seek their leader and join their ranks.

    Imagine my dismay and disappointment that when I arrived in their last known location in the lands of Narfell, that great calamity had befallen them and their leader. Betrayed from within, the group had collapsed and had never been heard from again.

    I find myself now looking for employment. Surely someone of martial training can find a place to fit in here in Narfell.

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