Ajax Tacitus

  • Race: Human

    Age: ~30ish

    Height: 6'4" (193cm)

    Weight: 230lbs (104kg)

    Eye Color: Hazel

    Hair Color: Light Brown

    Skin Tone: Lightly tanned.

    Description: Ajax is a large man that usually has a scowl on his bearded face. He prefers grunts and other forms of nonverbal, guttural communication to speaking. What little exposed skin he shows is crisscrossed with a myriad of scars, and it's obvious from his demeanor that he is more comfortable in a fight than he is in a conversation. He has an excellent sense of smell and is often seen relieving himself in remote/austere locations after particularly grueling battles.

    Equipment Worn: Ajax always wears the same set of platemail that used to be jet black, but has dulled over time to a dark grey. The collar of the platemail has a small black bird etched into it. It doesn't fit him particularly well, and lacks any customization. To a discerning eye, it is obviously standard issue from some military or another.

    Ajax always has a huge backpack, and the hafts of various weapons, primarily heavy flails, stick out of it. His helmet is fashioned to look like the head of a large black bull, and his boots bear the same symbol as his platemail.

    Known Associates: Ajax is generally seen as a loner. He keeps an odd assortment of company, and depending on who you ask, he has been seen with the heroes and villains of Narfell alike, from paladins to felguards.

    Reputation: Ajax is a large, intimidating man that could learn a thing or two about charisma from most ogres. He is rude, vulgar and downright dangerous in any fight, be it a brawl or a battle. While he is not a known criminal, his morals and ambitions are generally unknown, so who could say if that will change. Most decent folk keep a suspicious eye on Ajax, but are more than happy to have him between them and any rampaging monsters in times of crisis.

    Theme Song: "Bad Man" by Blues Saraceno