Build 905M

  • Narfell Developer

    The Narfell overrides will automatically download when you connect! Also comes with free side of some corrected/updated spell descriptions.
    On first downloading, you will have to "connect" twice. This is expected behavior.
    It is recommended that you remove the old Narfell overrides if you installed them previously. These are: cls_feat_monk.2da, cls_feat_rang.2da, clas_skill_rang.2da, domains.2da, feat.2da, spells.2da


    • Wish List: More disposal bins in Oscura. Also one in Hemrod's.
    • Wish List: Dying PCs will drop healing balms as well as bandages and diamonds.
    • Bug fix: color codes should all work, including Masterwork items.
    • Bug fix: Dark Hammers loops given limits as temp fix.
    • Brew Potion fixes.
    • Rust Monster AC 'damage' should show on character sheets quicker.
    • Farewell flying catapult. :<

  • Narfell Developer

    More on NWSYNC and Narfell Overrides
    Since there's been some confusion: Narfell's overrides provided bonus feats and skills to monks and rangers, gave druids new spells, and made the tooltip/targeting changes possible for our custom Wildshape/Polymorph system. The overrides are no longer needed to enjoy all the same benefits. A hak containing these features will download automatically when you connect to the server.

    Since the overrides are almost identical to the content of our new hak file, it's not essential to delete them... yet. But it's a good idea to do it soon so that you don't forget before we make any new changes to spells, skills or feats.

    If you did download the old files, you will find them inside your Neverwinter Nights directory's override folder.

    • For Windows users, this is probably My Documents > Neverwinter Nights > override
    • For Linux users, this might be: ~/.local/share/Neverwinter Nights/override

    The files themselves are: cls_feat_monk.2da, cls_feat_rang.2da, clas_skill_rang.2da, domains.2da, feat.2da, and spells.2da.