Tuesday Night Aussie Treks

  • Starting from April 30th, I will be attempting to run two short adventures on Tuesday nights (Sydney, AUS EST). (I will not be doing timezone conversions; you are all adults and can do this for yourselves).

    Adventure 1: Level 10 and below (average level 6-8), starts at 7pm, runs until 8:30pm
    Adventure 2: Level 10 and above (average level 12-14), starts at 9pm, runs until 10:30pm

    These adventures will set out from Norwick, and are designed for PCs who want to work together, solve puzzles, fight monsters, and be heroes. They will not be "high political intrigue" (although there will absolutely be RP), and they will not be "click the red thing fests" (although there will absolutely be combat).

    You don't need to sign up (but if you do, it might affect how well I can tailor things), and you don't need to come every week (but if you do, it might affect how awesome the loot is).

    I will be using Discord Voicechat, but I will mostly be using it to chat with players; the RP will all be in game. I may play theme music through Discord. You have been warned.

    The adventures will start on time, so if you are late, you can get a port, but I will not be stopping to catch people up, or waiting for them to get there. If no-one is there on time, I will simply go and grind spawns on my own or something.

    What the adventures are will depend on who is there for the first week of adventures, as I intend on starting long running plots for both time slots.

    Also, be warned; I tend to do a lot of humour as life is dark enough as it is and I like to have a laugh.

    Any questions, please ask away (I suggest against religious extremists of all sorts).

    Feel free to sign up below, and try to co-ordinate so that you have a balanced party, in so far as such is possible.

  • I'm going to try to make one or both of these, if I can manage to set my alarm

  • Sounds good! Once school holidays are gone that fits nicely into my lazy day schedule after school dropoff in the UK.

  • I can switch to a different chara if Karandi comes lol

  • I could possibly do one or both of these if I wake my butt up in time

    I'd be able to bring Chriel or Karandi for the first (both warrior dps), or Ola (evoker sorc), and Kat for the second (cleric).

  • I could possibly bring Ava to the first event.