Something new on the way to the underdark

  • Rumor has it that some adventurers came across a lizard-folk with hardened skin that could use psionics, it was close to the surface, near the entrance to the Underdark. Be wary as it was a challenge for seasoned adventurers

  • Narfell PL

    "Evil sentient monstermaker worms? Why don't we encounter more new and fascinating friendlies? I'll try to keep an eye out, and make some visits down there soon, too." a familiar Druidess can be heard noting, when conversation about this arises.

  • After a night of head scratching and research it has become clear to me what we faced,

    Phaerlocks are science projects for an evil worm like race called the Phaerimm, they create the Phaerlocks through extreme experimentation. In my research it said they are mostly in the underdark, but far far away, so either a few have migrated, or there is a Phaerimm nearby. Please be Cautious.

  • Narfell DM

    For any who are interested. One of these creatures had been killed and examined by the Cerulean Knights. Here is the report;

    As per request, Lt. Scott Grimm:

    We've dissected the lizard-like head you brought to our office successfully. I have to remark that this was an extremely hard task as we broke around three dissection daggers with al sort of enchantments on them. The only one that seemed to work was a keen weapon spell that after many efforts cut through the tough armor, a reminiscence of Beholder's skin in a way. Said armor was covering the entire head, I'm not sure how you were able to behead such creature, this armor is not resistant to physical or magical damage, it's just really thick that cutting through is very difficult.

    The creature seems to have four eyes to cover, this is my guess, an all-around 360° vision. As for the brain, its encephalitic mass was not very impressive, the creature doesn't seem to have a decent amount of it to be considered a clever creature, but it's definitely enough to beat the orcs in a riddle contest.

    What is concerning here is that its brain seems somewhat modified... in a painful way. And also that the behavior you've described in the latest report seems to be of those who can use psionic abilities.

    End of the report.