A Squires Tale

  • A large bound journal with the image of two crossed short swords setting top an Aegis. Bellow a few words are written in simple fashion:
    Warziver Aegiself.
    In smaller fine print near the bottom:
    please return if found

    It has been some time since I have formally written my thoughts, prayers, and feelings to be imprinted on parchment not since I left the temple has I kept an accurate record. Many of my old friends would not believe what I would write, and some would even ask me if I had turned into a bard to write tales of fantasy and awe. Today I commit to detailing some of my fondest moments, my hardest times, and my proudest achievements for we are all but mortal. For any who may read this my name is Warziver Aegiself, Squire of Arvoreen and hopeful protector of all whom require me to fight when they can not.

    I am a paladin of Arvoreen, which many find odd due to my gnomish heritage, and I do not blame them for such thoughts. However, I have great reason for such as when I was orphaned it was the Temple of Arvoreen and the disciples of the Hin Fist who took me in. They welcomed me as family, fed me, trained me, and set me on the path I have today firmly cementing me as a Faithful of Arvoreen and his ways for I truly believe. From a young age I developed a strong attachment for those around me and deep resentment for those whom would harm them, I was surnamed Aegiself for my protective nature. A good friend once told me, "A good a Gnomish protector of Elves, you shall be my shield", I admit I found it rather funny, perhaps the Temple should have added another 's'.

    I must admit when the Temple sent me out to find my path I never imagined I would stumble upon what I may consider the most Chaotic place I've ever seen. Narfell is filled with all manner of good, evil and otherwise from Demons and Devils all the way to the touch of the gods themselves. It is truly a special place and I have come to call it home for better or for worse that it can sometimes bring with it, I would not change it for anything I have found. So that sets the template I suppose, you now know who I am, where I am, and why I am here.

    I suppose I will start with my most recent adventure, and my oh my was it an adventure.

    The Minotaurs and the Maze

    My companions for the adventure, whom I would not trade for any other person regardless of skill or experience, where:

    Vick Blake: Pragmatic Far Scout with what I would call a truly neutral disposition with a compass that always seem to point to "Get the job done". I have come to know him over a long time now and despite his comments about any number of things I have always found him more than willing to do what is right for the greater good.

    Unen Alow: Purple made motion... and true friend whom I can say I have known the longest in this land from when I was even a new adventurer. Unen is a bard with unmatched skill and despite his chaotic nature and rash choices when the crunch comes down there is, and I stand by this, no one more capable to have behind you in a fight.

    Miss Blue: My newest friend and adventuring companion, I was unsure what to think of her at first few times we met and adventured her tactics where strange and unorthodox. One thing was clear however is that she knew how to throw a punch and kick and it came in most handy as we made our way through the maze. She was quick to adapt to the situations and only a few times did she go to far in to the fight, nothing overly dangerous however. I will make it a point to travel with her more often.

    I count this adventure on of my most not only dangerous but longest adventures I have had within Narfell, however, I also count it as one of the best. There are few words I can use to describe the emotions my friends and I went through in the Maze but I can give you the basics:
    Fear, Excitement, Trepidation, elation, and most of all Kinship so please keep these in mind as I describe just what kind of adventure this was.

    The disappearance of the formians in the underdark was sudden and it could not have happened so quickly for no reason, further investigation made by others discovered that fierce minotaurs now patrolled their tunnels. Fierce was an underestimation of their ability, looking back at the adventure I would call them monstrous, and imposing. They wield axes larger than my frame, and swing with the strength of ten men looking to seal my life away with just one or two swings most of the time. The fear of know 'this was just the start' is what made me worry but also... excited for what was to come as I burned with anticipation.

    Finally reaching the maze was only the first challenge we encountered as we soon learned that within the maze we where in a place that we had no advantage on. Some of the minotaurs could hide just as well as Vick, they reminded me a little of Sir Erurk as being not something you want to find sneaking behind you with malicious intent. I found myself knocked down more than once to their surprising strength and sneaking skill catching me off guard. That in combination with their stronger mages well we learned early to slow down, because catching more than one or two at once was a situation that we only faced peril in.

    Encountering ore did not surprise us within the maze however I can not help but feel like it's there to lure in 'food'. Bait if you will to bring in adventurers to get lost within the walls until the slowly loose themselves and become part of the minotaurs diet. We made sure to map our progress, and I made sure I knew the right way back in case such a thing happened, I could not imagine a worse fate. Moving in deeper to the maze took us... days... I admit we got very lost even with my mapping we slowly got more and more lost. I believe at that point our tempers got the better of us, we ended up acting against out better judgements and became restless with the tedium. Looking back on it I believe that was the second most dangerous situation we where put into, acting so casually in the maze was... foolish and.. dangerous beyond breath.

    We finally ended up finding the way however it took some time and persistence but we manged to step into what I will now call 'The real maze'. It was vast beyond words and showed immense levels of craftsmanship, it was hard to tell how long it would have taken to make such a place one could only imagine hundreds of years. Seeing the structures I can only lean on what Ajax said, "The Formians dug up their doom", and brought forth a new threat for Narfell to cope with.

    In the deeper levels of the maze, or upper, it was impossible to really tell our direction, we encountered minotaurs with bone shattering strength and magic that could even render me completely helpless. I do not like to brag about my skills but when a spell renders me helpless it is a very powerful spell caster. It took a little time but we managed to find a few of it's weaknesses and where able to really deal with them going foreward, I can safely say this is one of the greatest impacts Miss Blue had for us. She was perfect for the job of encountering and quickly disabling them.

    What was truly troubling was not that the deeper we got the more and stronger the foes became, but how much more evil they became. Some kind of evil or Abyssal power runs through their most powerful champions who wield wicked weapons and immense strength with the aid of demons. The further we went the more we encountered and I must admit it felt empowering knowing that we where destroying true evil. My sword glowed with Arvoreen divine punishment and we ensured the demise of much evil.

    However all of that... the fear of the unknown and impossibly stronger enemies than we have seen in so many years... it was nothing to what we encountered at the end. The most surprising part is... we had no idea where the end was, and it hit us like a ton of bricks. All of a sudden we where blind, confused, and the chaos was all to real. However we very slowly we got a handle on the situation, even after Vick nearly died and I almost ran out of healing potions we ended up the final Victor. It was an exhausting battle that lasted what seemed like days but was likely much faster, lots of running, shouting, coordinating and finally the elation... we won and we did it with no one paying the ultimate price.

  • The Underdark

    It has not been long since my last entry, I realize that perhaps I live a life that most would consider dangerous but I find myself in wonder and worry of what evil is to be found. Today Unen, Blue, Vick and I ventured deep into the underdark at first on a regular spell crystal gathering trip, however, it turned into much more. The deeper we went the more we found the underdark is is much larger than any of us knew and I admit I was lost perhaps once or twice in the whoel adventure. For the most part I found the adventure rather thrilling though it had its points where we all felt a little scared, for instance when Unen was ambushed by three drow, that was a less than ideal situation.

    The next being that I believe we found the proverbial 'front door' to the drow city and I must admit although I am keen to rid the evil A whole city... perhaps is more than we can chew. We turned back while we could still after a few more skirmishes with the drow only to run into a very large Vrock. It apeared to be in command? Leading? Matriarch? of a large pack of Hooks, we had to dig in for a fight and we all performed rather well. Blue has excellent speed and with Unens singing and vicks arrows I know that I can drop my guard to assist in a quick dispatch of the danger.

    Perhaps the most dangerous however was an abnormally strong drow that seemed to be prowling the underdark for... trouble, I believe perhaps we where fated to meet on a narrow road. He was clearly evil, and was clearly looking for us to concede out position for him however I would not have any of it. On the basis that he was not out to kill any goodly folk I was for a moment willing to let him pass if he conceded instead however it was not to be, seconds later Unen surprised me, he made the correct call but it was not one I expected. He quickly let out a war song and said 'Go', I did not miss my chance and immediately engaged however the fight was a brutal one. I can say that we nearly all died as this drow was... strong, smart, and clearly had experience in fighting prepared to lose everyone to gain it all.

    It lets me realize something, though I am sturdy I am not enough to protect them as I want to I have much to learn and more to gain so that I can truly protect my friends. It's the second time I've faltered against those of evil heart in to short a time, Scott Grimm won our duel rather handily and now this Drow nearly killed me and my friends... It gives me much to think about, much to improve. At the same time I have come to realize unlike both Scott and this Drow I have true friends who will stick with me in the fight I realize this now that I do not need to fight evil alone. I have friends, allies, and my faith to help me in my quest, perhaps this is what I needed to learn.

    That I am not alone.