Build 905L

  • Narfell Developer

    Brew Potion
    Enabled! NWN base cost in gold and XP apply, but five potions will be created. Narfell's version of Brew Potion will spawn standard, stackable potions where available. Empty magic potions have been added to select merchants. No rebuilds will be given.

    10 Minute Rest Bug
    Hopefully fixed!

    Polymorph/Wildshape Changes

    • Important: Targeting the ground will now select the default/vanilla shape for the Clerics and Druids. The saved shape will not be erased.
    • All shapes have a minimum Strength of 10 to solve inventory troubles. Enjoy your birds, bats, pixie, and smol badger.
    • Druid Wildshape set to infinite duration.

    Map Changes

    • Imported Peltarch - Snyder Residence
    • Imported Peltarch - Hedia's Ship
    • New Giantspire maps - be prepared for changes to Orc woods!
    • New Underdark maps.
    • Some encounter changes in the Underdark.
    • Central Plains, Windy Plains and Long Road changes.

    DM Spawner Wand
    DMs can name randomized spawners. Single creature spawners now named by resref. A few spawntable counting bug fixes.

    Neutral Faction
    The DM faction chat command can set NPCs in an area to a totally neutral faction.


    • Creatures for DM Rust.
    • Duplicate potion cleanup in temples.
    • CR changes.
    • Old skinning knife removed.
    • Bardic College "Sit" objects turned the right way round.
    • "Fog of War" environmental effect for area devs and DM Environmental Effects wand.
    • Fearless token makes NPCs skip morale checks.
    • Updated some spell scroll names to mark divine/arcane.
    • New players given backpack.

  • Narfell Developer


    • Fixed player shout colors.

  • Narfell Developer

    ( - Ignore this post. There were never any issues with the build at all. - )