Items and power level

  • Narfell DM

    After very long discussions in the DM forums we have decided to implement rules on items for all characters.

    All characters may have up to 20 point items.

    Items outside of this value WILL NOT be retained by ANY character.

    The only exceptions are:

    1. Time limited plot items and those items will have a note in their description.
    2. Base item bonuses on enchanted goods (and crafted but not enchanted) do not count for the limits.

    Over the next couple of months we will be replacing items that break these limits with similar items that obey the rules. Nobody need lose an item that has emotional attachment it will simply be replaced by an item with the same name that is legal.

    Please note that the DM team has assigned a points value to every item property, and as such are the final arbiters of the value of an item. This is a confidential system, and the details of it will not be released, except to say that it is based on the points values for the enchanting system.

    All items with banned properties will be treated as being in excess of the points value maximums, and require replacement/adjustment.

    The DM team will work with players to ensure a smooth transition:- please direct any and all questions on this matter to your PGs/PL, who will forward them on to the DM team as required.

    DMs and staff members will have their characters vetted first, and any required item changeovers done.

  • The rule of "20 point items to chars of level 16 or over, rest are restricted to 15 point items" has been removed, as it was felt it was an unnecessary complication of rules that lead to OOC clunkiness and situations where players had to count point limits based on their level. The initial post has been updated to reflect this.

  • To ensure a smooth transition, I will not be actively DMing until this is resolved, and will be spending my time either playing one of my PCs, or helping players with item swap overs/adjustments.

    Please contact me via Discord for this.

    If I am on one of my PCs, don’t hassle me.