Item Enchantment - Master Storm Dove for Blue Sparrow III


    I would need help creating this from one of the DMs, as the Mac Version of NWN through Steam doesn't have an Aurora Toolset available to it. Thanks - Kerby

    Character Name: Blue Sparrow
    Character Receiving Item: Blue Sparrow
    50-50 XP Hit: No
    Character Level: 11
    Caster Level: 14th? NPC Master Storm Dove, Priestess of Selune
    Enchanting Facility: Monastery of the Sun Soul
    Spells Used: Bless, Prayer, Stone Skin, Glyph of Warding, Magic Vestment, Greater Sanctuary
    Materials used: MW Spellcrystal Infused Belt, Diamond, 7 Mage Armor Potions, 49 silver ingots
    Item Level: 10-1 = 9

    Item Name: Diamond Body Belt

    Piercing Damage Resistance 5/1 : 6 point cost
    +1 All Saves : 4 point cost
    White Glow - 10 foot radius
    Class Restriction: Monk
    Alignment Restriction: LG or LN

    Model/Icon: Grey belt icon, with circular buckle and silver studs around the belt.

    Item In-Game Description:
    This grey belt has a shimmer to the leather that upon catching the glint from the corner of your eye, makes it initially appear as if the belt is made of glass. But when looking directly at the belt, it seems only to be leather with embossed silver studs all the way around. The circular buckle is of a lustrous silver in which is mounted a single diamond.

    The belt itself is rumored to be a creation of the Master Tanner of Peltarch, who… it is said, has been able to use the hides of magic eaters to encrust the belt with a crystalline lattice that easily channels magic. Too much on one person can cause the lattice to rupture, causing significant damage to the wearer.

    Enchanted in it’s current form, the belt’s power becomes apparent only when a weapon tries to pierce the wearer’s skin. When so triggered, a diamond-like shimmer coats the skin’s surface momentarily and seems to reduce penetration.

    The circular buckle is a ceremonial item given to a Sun Soul monk on their promotion to 10th Rank and is rumored to allow a monk to focus their Ki to bend the forces of Luck itself.


    When she saw the belt in the small shop, she tuned out the quick staccato of the gnomish salesperson and thought of the implications of such a belt. She bought it without much fanfare and sent it and a letter to her spiritual guide at the Monastery, Storm Dove.

    At the advice of one of her friends in Peltarch’s Cerulean Guard, she wrote a letter with the idea she had for combining the belt’s power with the buckle she was given by the Monastery. She included the materials she best thought would enhance the innate powers of the item.

    Mage armor, to soak the belt’s leather in. The diamond as the focus. The silver studs made from the ingots she had mined. And then the spells that Storm Dove should use. Blue would engage the good Lady Moonbeam to assist once more in instilling part of her fragment of the Sun to the item, to better attune to the signature vibrations the diamond would give off to her own Ki.