Vic and Tory - Children of Maria of Spellwaver Keep

  • Ages: 18
    Heights: 5'3"
    Weights: 101lbs
    Hair: Mousy Blonde, wavy.
    Eyes: Blue

    Vic and Tory, twin daughters of Maria of Spellweaver Keep have been away at boarding school most of their lives. Their conception and birth were not of any normal means and short of a specific augury everyone assumes it was as usual between man and woman. Now at the age of majority they have come home. They have spent almost all their lives in the Silver Marches, boarded in private schools in Silvermoon. There they attended the University of Silvermoon, studying; magic, philosophy, religions, manners, history, music and lore of the lands. Unfortunately the precocious twins found much more to study in the city outside of the college grounds. They would slip down and visit the Zhentarim in their small conclaves, spy on the yearly migration of the monsters from the mountains down the passes, and wander the docks near the river. On numerous occasions the twins were dragged back to the Dean’s office, often bedraggled yet triumphant. Much was overlooked by the college and the authorities, penance paid by the two on each occasion, until now.

    The final straw was the full scale reenactment of the kidnapping and recovery of the Dutchess of Belfore. The two girls organized this senior graduation event for the night after finals. They managed to draw over half the graduating body of the college into it through everything from simply asking to actual bribes and blackmail. The event began at the bell before midnight and then built and exploded across the entire length of the city from the high mount down to the docks. Illusion and light spells, mostly, erupted into the dark as the coach barreled through the largely empty streets. Initially the groups of students moved in historically accurate dispositions as the event unfolded. But as the actual city guard became intertwined it turned into a running battle of minor magics and deception. It finally came to an end at the city docks when the coach careened into fully a quarter of the Knights in Silver who promptly arrested everyone in sight. Surprisingly Vic and Tory where not in the coach or anywhere to found. Once the investigation was in full swing the names of the girls came up and a full manhunt was on…but all that was found was a note in their empty dorm room…”it is time”. How the two made it halfway across the world and arrived in Narfell is a story yet to be told. Needless to say, they are home and soon to be reunited with their parents.

    The two girls sit in their fathers private quarters and wait nervously for his return. Soon they start grinning, “feels a bit like the Dean’s office”, giggling and murmurs can be heard by the guard as they put their heads together.

  • XP Rewarded, locked.

  • Reviewed, pending.

  • Hours and hours later the two hungry girls try and talk their guard into letting them out but he just smiles and shakes his head. Eventually Tory tries to pick the lock on the door while Vic distracts the guard, but has no luck in her endeavor. Sitting for another hour the two talk softly and cast looks at the guard. Vic approaches the guard and asks about facilities for ladies to do their personal business. He hands them a bucket and points behind the desk. Vic stomps behind the desk while Tory tries to open the storage containers. Soon smoke is pouring from behind the desk and filling the room. Eyes watering the guard promptly dumps a bucket of water over Vic and the burning contents in the bucket he had given her, at which point the outer door opens and closes quickly as Vick steps inside. The girls freeze in place, eyes watering from the smoke, Vic’s clothing soaked through and chairs tipped all over the place. Vick looks at the guard and gestures to the door and the guard promptly leaves.

    Smoke lingers heavily in the air as Vick looks idly around the room. He watches blandly as the two recover and gravitate to each other, standing shoulder to shoulder facing him. He suddenly shakes his head and mutters “idiots”. “All that schooling, all those years in that college and city and you can’t get out of one little room”. As Vic starts to speak he holds up a finger and waggles it at her. “Perhaps more time thinking and less time doing would have garnered you a better attempt then this, “gestures at the mess”. As Tory opens her mouth he raises his finger again. “You have 15 minutes to clean this up and make yourself presentable. Your mother has prepared a meal and we have but little time to get there and now less then we should have.” As they both go to open their mouths he raises an eyebrow and cocks his head and they shut them. “15 minutes and then we are on the road. You may speak when your mother is present so you do not have to cover the same ground twice. You will speak the truth, you will not leave anything I deem pertinent out.” As they both try to speak he says “Hookers”, then turns and leaves, locking the door. 15 minutes later Vick and the two girls are seen walking south on the main road, one strangely wet. The walk is quiet as they head to the tower and dinner, the only sound, that of the girls stomachs growling and their soft whispers.