Petition to Reinstate St.Croix

  • I heard what's going on with this situation from a few points of view... seems to be a bunch of BS to me... no need in banning a major part of today's Narfell...

    This is a petition to reinstate St.Croix... This is one of 3 people i actually enjoy playing with. I'm sure things were said that were regretted on both sides... to deny player's impact would be stupid.... reply if you agree... not sure what else to say... I'm drunk as FUCK right now but stand behind this.

  • Narfell DM

    The decision was not made lightly nor was it made in haste nor is it the first time St Croix has been banned. He was warned by DrD that another infraction would result in a permanent ban, I witnessed the warning myself. He has had multiple warnings. He can apply again in 6 months and that is being kind.