Linus Loreweaver

  • Age: 23
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 197lb
    Hair: Blonde, short, straight.
    Eyes: Blue
    Charisma: 14
    Class: Paladin, Order of the Red Falcon
    Deity: Red Knight

    Linus Loreweaver is the son of Patrik and Jayenne, he was born and raised in Damara.
    Linus, while growing up, was often told stories of his grandfather Cyrian Loreweaver, a former officer in the Norwick Militia. The stories made him always want to be a hero to protect the innocent and destroy evil.
    At the age of 16 with his parents blessing he going a military training school where he learned many basic fighting and survival skills. Thanks to the books he read from his childhood about his grandfather's battles and training regimen he graduated among the top 3 in his class, the only non noble and non military child to do so in over a decade. After he graduated he was recruited to continue his training with the order of the red falcon. Linus studied hard learning new tactics and strategies that his grandfather's note books could never have taught him. In time his dedication earned him the recognition of the order and of the Red Knight and he became a paladin.
    When his training was complete he decided to travel to Narfell to visit his grandfather's home and to begin writing his own stories of strategy and tactics. With the region often under threat and the stories his parents told him he decided he had enough knowledge to make the journey and put his new training into action.

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