Journal of Linus Loreweaver

  • Narfell DM

    Entry 1

    I have just arrived in Narfell. It is every bit what my Father told me it would be.
    I get off the boat in Peltarch and am greeted by a dock worker that seems to be having a hard time. I approached him to see if I may be of some assistance and, though he was a bit grizzled, he accepted my offer of aid. I was tasked with a simple delivery. A simple delivery of course turned into several simple deliveries.
    I think once I have acclimated myself to the city I will begin my mission of documenting local threats and how best to deal with them. For now though I think I shall get myself settled in.

  • Narfell DM

    Entry 7

    I have been out again to the Kobolds swamps. This time I think I fared a little better as I was able to reach and defeat a few lizardmen. I hadn't intended on engaging them but when they saw me and attacked I had to defend myself.
    I was able to purchase a new shield when I returned as well as a Belt that I can use to enchant at a later time.

    I bought a pair of swords as well from Blue, one with an enhancement enchanted on it and another made of Silver again to use for enchanting at a later date. I feel like I am getting more accustomed to the land and the people. There are a few that I am not so sure I should be travelling with but I feel like this will be a challenge from the Red Knight to teach them better tactics in dealing with threats.

    A while ago I heard of a great evil that had taken hold in the Norwick Deeper Tombs. I gathered a group of adventurers and went to cleans the place. It was quite challenging for me but with the aid of others we were able to overcome the threats. We found a very large beholder necromancer that was performing some ritual in there and it took a long time to defeat it but we managed and then we destroyed all the ritual effigies that were around.
    On the way out Blue decided to go alone and try to push further in despite warnings from the rest of the group, I chose to stay behind along with Yavie to go and make sure she was ok. We found her and were able to convince her to leave but not before the dead began to rise again. We were outnumbered and overwhelmed. I tried fighting as many as I could to try and distract them long enough to get out but I was unsuccessful and I fell.

    It seemed they were saved by someone known as the 'Adventurer Killer", I was brought back by him as well even though I have heard he was a mass murderer. I was too groggy to focus on him to see if his heart was tainted or not and he left. His interdiction gave us the time we needed to escape.

  • Narfell DM

    Entry 6

    It had taken a while to recover from my injuries fighting the orcs but I feel I am ready to get out again.

    I was sitting in the commons reading a tactics book when a young lady named Vic approached me. Seems she needed someone to help her fight worgs to the west. I thought it would be an acceptable challenge for me so I accepted her invitation.

    For the most part I was able to fight them however when more than a couple had me surrounded it became a struggle. I was unable to protect Vic as I was pinned down. A stray arrow from an orc in the distance brought her down. I finished fighting the beasts and rushed to her aid but I had no means of healing her. I quickly used my bandages kit to try and stop the bleeding at least and was successful. After that we thought it best to return to the city.

  • Narfell DM

    Entry 5

    I decided to try facing Orcs in a small cave near the city. I have heard they often carry useful trinkets or weapons that can sell for a reasonable amount.
    Within the cave I encountered small groups of orcs either with club and shield, crossbow, casters or ones with heavy hammer.
    The former were easy enough to dispatch and I found my basic equipment suitable to the task however the Hammerers were on a completely different level. They struck hard and fast. I realized quickly I was out of my league and fled. I think in order to best this new foe I will need some slightly better equipment and more combat training.

  • Narfell DM

    Entry 3

    I decided that if I am to improve my equipment I would need funding. In the absence of employment I decided I would go to the swamps where I am told there are Kobolds that constantly are a threat to the city and local farmsteads.
    Almost immediately I was beset by a trio of them and they managed to overpower me. I managed to fight them off but I was worse for wear. One of them had a buckler which I decided was better protection than nothing so I took it to use.
    As i pushed deeper I encountered other creatures. Lizards, wisps and snakes. I continued to fight for as long as I could utilizing the healing potions that the creatures carried to keep myself reasonable healthy.
    On my return I was beset by a greater number of Kobolds and Stirges and I was forced to retreat but the stirge was able to keep pace and attack as I fell back, I was able to destroy the Stirge but that allowed the kobold to catch up and strike a decicive blow. I lay there bleeding contemplating my folly but luckily the kobold lost interest and wandered away.
    I was able to pull myself together and muster the strength to escape. I will have to try again once I improve my equipment.

    Entry 4

    I met a cleric of the Red Knight, William Kyrie, surprisingly he has heard stories of my Grandfather. Apparently Williams decended from a famous Historian and a Champion of the Red Knight. I will have to consider him if I need guidance. A couple more holy warriors came around and the lot of us decided we would sweet the sewers clean of undead. We went down below and encountered Skeletons, zombies, oozes, wights, ghasts, ghouls, and even vampire spawn. But with all the divine power at our fore none of the undead posed any threat and we swept through them with ease.
    I was able to recover a tower shield intact from one of them which I will use for now.

  • Narfell DM

    Entry 2

    I decided to talk a walk down the Nars to visit my grandfathers home, Norwick. The trip was mostly uneventful aside from a weak devil I encountered on the road. I dispatched it easily before moving on.
    When I arrived in Norwick I visited one of the shops to see if they carry anything I might find useful or affordable, but unfortunately there was nothing I needed.
    I remember the stories of Undead my father told me about in the Norwick Crypts, so after praying to the Red Knight for a blessing to destroy undead I ventured south. Sure enough there was undead everywhere, skeletons, boars, and shadows. With my sword blessed by the Red Knights gifts I was able to despose of the undead with relative ease. I have yet to find a shield so I was vulnerable but not so much to cause me concern. I was fighting one particularily strong one that emitted a foul gas that made me feel sick, before I could finish it off my weapon blessing faded and I could no longer harm the undead creature. I chose then that it would be best to retreat for the day and contemplate the battles I had.