Bottleneck Apartments

  • After some spring cleaning and clearing out of empty and abandoned apartments, notices are posted to advise the citizenry that THE BOTTLENECK ALLEY APARTMENTS HAVE VACANCIES

    DM NOTICE: These are available for a once-off cost of 1,000gp for a set of keys (2 keys) and an ongoing rental cost of 2,400gp per RL year (except Apartments 7 and 8 which are 1,200gp per RL year as they are only 1 bedroom). If the room has storage in it, a further 1,000gp per storage unit is charged as a once-off fee.

    Apartment #1
    Vick Blake (CryingChild)
    1 Storage Chest
    Rent due April 30, 2020

    Apartment #2
    Rented by Syltria Baequi'via (AddictedtoMint)
    1 Storage Chest
    Rent due March 14, 2020

    Apartment #3
    Rented by Dermin Lantaional (seisan300)
    0 Storage Chests
    Rent due July 12, 2019

    Apartment #4
    Rented by Caling Rydrian (Sciolist)
    0 Storage Chests

    Apartment #5
    0 Storage Chest

    Apartment #6
    Rented by Cecil Northman (Jerrick)
    1 Storage Chest
    Rent due May 5th, 2020

    Apartment #7
    Rented by Blue Raven (Kerby)
    1 Storage Chest
    Rent is due March 15th, 2020

    Apartment #8
    Rented by Tatyana Chergoba (its_a_fire)
    0 Storage Chests
    Rent is due March 13th, 2020

    Apartment #9
    Rented by Abby (Andelas) and Chandra (Necrofai)
    2 Storage Chests
    Rent is due March 11th, 2020

    Apartment #10
    0 Storage Chests

  • Prior to leaving on assignment elsewhere, Blue set up a withdrawal schedule with her bank to pay the rent on her apartment (#7) at the Bottleneck Apartments. Her assignment turned out to be five years long. Surprisingly on her return, her key still worked and her apartment was covered in five years of dust. ((paid 6,000gp to DM_Guthook Mar 18, 2024 for Apartment #7))

  • Appartement 3 is vacant since about 6 months ago.

  • Apartment #1
    Vick Blake (CryingChild)
    1 Storage Chest
    This has been transferred over to Reemul (Wolfe) 11/28/2021

  • @rowan

    Runa receives a letter from the custodian of the Bottleneck Apartments indicating that she and Argus can move in to the apartment, which includes an optimistic mention that most of the rats are dead!

    OOC: I'll get you two the keys IG asap, and discuss with the DMs concerning payment.

  • Runa and Argus Azalea are applying for apartment #5. (Rowan and UnholyCalls)

  • 4400 GP paid by Cecil Northman for Apt #6.
    2 keys and key for chest already delivered. (Thx Rust!)

  • New tenants are warned by their neighbors about an eight-year-old boy who fancies himself a volunteer locksmith and doesn't seem to understand a word of Common. The mother is naturally no help, and some swear they saw the bitter-faced woman actually beam with pride the second she thought they were out of sight.

  • @robyn His Clerk, who had been awaiting the news, has put in the request for him. 😉

  • @jerrickrafe Pfft - Cecil'ls not even in Peltarch to make the reservation 😝

  • Apartment 6 requested by Inquisitor Northman.

  • Application for apartment #2 by Inquisitor Syltria Baequi'via, songstress and loreseeker of the Bardic College of Peltarch.


  • Application put in for apartment #1 by a drab non-memorable man under the name S M Sterling. (Vick Blake)

  • Apartment #7, Blue Raven (Kerby), Sun Soul in the Service of Lady Aurora Moonbeam of Selune, Senior Journeywoman Blacksmith and Leatherworking under the tutelage of Gnarl Horst and the Master Tanner of the Peltarch Crafting Hall, respectfully.


  • Appartment #9 Abby and Chandra
    Andelas and Necrofai