Children Rhymes

  • Narfell DM

    hickory dickory dock
    The dwarves climbed up the clock
    The clock struck 12, no dwarves came down
    The fiend is feeding her flock

  • *Travelers report seeing several bodies in the road between the Temple of Tempus and the Nars Crossraods. They appear to be minor devils called lemurs. Also, the bodies of two winged flying demons were found near the Rats and Bats Restaurant. Rumors spread in Peltarch that a demon called an Erinyes was shooting people with fire arrows from the old tower north of the Nars Bridge. *

  • They're Here!
    A soft giggle fades to a warm smile, as the sunlight glistens off blue... pyjamas?

  • Narfell DM

    Mary had a bunch of sheep their fleece white as the snow, on day she took them for a walk out on the cold plateau.
    she walked along and unaware of danger looming near , for in the shadows of the cliff the hellcats they drew near.
    Suddenly without a sound the fiends attacks struck true, and Mary's herd of sheep I fear is down to only two.
    Mary with her pair of sheep fled down the mountain hill, the hellcats chased swift and silent caught up and made a kill.
    Now Mary has a little lamb it's fleece all stained blood red, she found a cave to hide in fear but ice spiders her sheep it fed.
    Now Mary is all alone her hunters stalking slow r, she ran and ran and ran some more collapsing in the snow.
    Now you might ask as to her fate for did she then survive? High atop the mountains peak this moment she's alive. Best run to help her if you wish to be a hero this day, for once the sun has set the peaks the devils come out to play.

  • Hard at work on the Bluff, Brumir furrows his brow as he hears the "rhyme"

    "Oy. Wut kind o shite nursery rhyme long-leggers be tellin' thar young'uns these days? Here's a gud rhyme ah gut in response...."

    Brumir bends over and let's out a loud, wet-sounding fart.